Hit The Road Jack

American open road

Whilst family life is a thoroughly rewarding experience, it can also take its toll on you, as having to manage a challenging job and coming home to two noisy boys can lead a man to wanting to head out on the highway and just take a breath. In this vein, the idea of jumping onRead more

Top Blogging Tips

A laptop showing Blogging Tips

I have been blogging for a fair few years. During the time I have had to gain new skills. SEO being one of the hardest to master, mainly due to the changing landscape! If you are newly setting out here are some of my Blogging Tips to optimise your SEO early on! Pick your bloggingRead more

Redecorating Your Home for Winter 

cosy winter home redecorating

The warm nights of summer are long gone now, and the crisp fall air is welcoming families across the country into colder months. With Christmas and New Year on the horizon, it is no wonder that people are beginning to think of how they can redecorate their home in time for the celebrations. This is usually for both practical and decorative reasons,Read more

The Perfect Country Ham

Meat Spread with Country Ham

Perfect for the winter holidays, great for special occasions, and a treat for the family throughout the year, country ham is a handsome and delicious addition to any dinner table. This rustic dish goes back to the days before refrigeration, when smoking and saltwater brining were essential to meat preservation. This historic technique, although transformed,Read more