How to Make Your Garden A Relaxing Haven

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Your home is where the heart is. It’s where you retreat to after a hard day at work, and while you may have spent a small fortune making it as comfortable as possible, sometimes it’s just not enough. You need to escape. The ideal would be to take a permanent holiday, but family obligations and financial commitments make that an implausible solution; so, what about looking a little closer to home? Here’s how to make your garden a relaxing haven, so that you can escape from it all whenever you need to. 

Define zones to your garden 

Think about what you do in your garden. Chances are high that your garden needs to fulfil different functions: it needs to be a safe play area for the children, be a space for entertaining in, be a haven for you to relax in and look sensational too. It’s a tall order!  

If you define zones in your garden, you will be able to have a set area for each function. Hedging or planted up pots and containers can be used to separate the children’s area from your entertainment and relaxing zone, or if space is of a premium, use different flooring options to mark out the different use for the space. For example, decking or a patio can be used for your relaxation zone and helps to distinguish it from the other areas.  

Harness all the senses 

For the ultimate in relaxation, don’t just limit your retreat efforts to comfortable seating. Yes, relaxation is about being comfortable, but design your garden to appeal to all of your senses. If there is an area of your garden that is not aesthetically pleasing, such as the wheelie bins, see what adjustments you can make to hide them! You can hide the bins by buying or building a shelter, or you can add a trellis and grow plants up to cover them. A fragrant garden can be used to introduce plants that are going to help you relax such as lavender, chamomile and rose. Water features can be used to aurally relax you too. These are the subtle ways that you can really boost your relaxation.  

Shed heaven 

Sheds are traditionally where you keep all the garden maintenance equipment, but as fewer people use their garages for car storage, how about consigning the equipment there? You will then be able to adapt your shed to a year-round retreat. It’s a project that will only reap you rewards. You’ll need to seal up cracks, insulate it and plaster it to make it warm enough for the cold winter months. Go for the ultimate in comfort and install a wood burner, by doing so you’ll have another usable space to make your own. 

Final Thoughts  

No matter the size of your garden, you can make it a relaxing haven. Use different materials, containers or planting to define the different zones of your garden and camouflage unsightly items in your garden. Establish plants that are known for their calming and relaxing fragrance and add a water feature to heighten the feelings of respite and tranquility.  

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