How to make your pet an Instagram star

Dog Instagram star

I have often thought about setting up an Instagram page for my dog.  These types of pages seem very popular these days.  But what type of things can you do to get your dog noticed on Instagram once your page is set up? Here are a few suggestions to get you started and hopefully one step closer to making your pet an Instagram star!

Make sure your pet is looking their best

HiHouse have a range of pet brushes as naturally you will want your pet looking smart for future Instagram fame and glory!  Before you start snapping pictures make sure your pet is groomed.  But you can also take this a step further and get your pet dressed in costumes to really get noticed.  Some dogs on Instagram dress smarter than me, seriously I kid you not!  Just think about what ever you can do to help make your pet stand out including getting some props.


Hopefully you have already started using these to help people discover your content.  But do make a point of finding out which hashtags are most popular with pet lovers and utilise those!  You can have up to 30 tags per post so don’t be shy!  Apparently, Instagram account using hashtags get a lot more engagement.  Experiment with different hashtags and see what works best for your pet.

Think about your pictures

Dog sat in a field by a lake

Be creative with your pictures.  Use filters, add wording, research whatever techniques you can incorporate to help your pictures be more memorable and unique.  You can also work your pictures around themes like Halloween and Bonfire night something to make them more distinctive than your average here is my pet picture (yawn!).

Be a consistent poster

To grow your following you need to post regularly.  Don’t go crazy with lots of pictures then go completely silent for a couple of weeks.  You want to keep the interest of your current followers and continue to find new followers to your account.

Engage with like-minded people

To grow your account follow other pet accounts, leave comments and like their pictures.  Hopefully they will come back and visit your page.  Plus whilst you are doing this make a note of the hashtags they are using.

Don’t expect for your pet to be famous on Instagram instantly it can take a time and effort.  But following these tips you are certainly going to have a higher chance of your pet getting noticed.

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