5 DIY Jobs to Make Your Home More Welcoming


One of the great things about learning new Do It Yourself Skills and becoming more confident in your own DIY abilities, is that you can create your ideal home at a fraction of the money it would cost to have professional tradesmen do it. When you have a home to be proud of, you’ll want to show it off, and dinner parties are a perfect way to do this. As the host, you’ll know how important it is to make your guests feel welcome, but you might not know that your property can do that job for you. Here are five simple DIY tasks that can help you create a more warm and welcoming home. 

Entrancing Entrances 

It’s vital that house guests feel welcome from the moment they step onto your property, not just from the time they sit down with a glass in their hand, which is why the entranceway is one of the most important parts of your home. If your door is old and tired, replace it with one that is modern and that fits the style of your home’s interior. It’s also important that you don’t leave your guests standing in the dark so installing a stylish external light can make all the difference. It can also help to deter criminals, which is increasingly an important concern. 

Great Gates 

First impressions count, so don’t let your garden gates let you down. The front or side gates to your garden are often the first things that visitors to your property pass through, so rotting or weather worn wooden gates can create a bad impression of your home as a whole. On the other hand, high quality garden gates show that the owner takes pride in his property, and they can also look highly aesthetically pleasing, especially when they are maintained on an annual basis to keep the effects of weathering at bay. Pressure treated wooden gates are an especially good choice, as they not only look great, but they are extremely resistant to rot and attack by insects such as woodworm. If you want something that’s going to last, you could visit this provider for a selection of wooden garden gates that will be perfect for your garden and that come with an anti-rot guarantee. 

Garden Gazebos 

Gardens are not only important because they border your home, and often allow access to it, but because they can also make a perfect place to entertain guests. On a warm summer evening, what could be better than having pre-dinner snacks and drinks beneath the stars? There’s no better place to do that than in a garden gazebo. Gazebos come in all sizes and styles, but I particularly like traditional wooden gazebos, especially if they have climbing plants such as ivy entwined with them or are combined with a rose covered trellis. Gazebos are easy to assemble as well, and once in place they are sturdy and infinitely useful garden buildings. 

Uplight Your Rooms 

Lighting is of supreme importance in the home of course, but a little thought can turn functional lighting into something altogether more spectacular. Uplighting is perfect for rooms where you gather with your family or where you entertain guests, as it can be used to illuminate attractive features within the room, or to add extra light in areas where people stand or sit. This has the effect of making those areas seem much warmer and much more inviting, and this can be enhanced when your lighting is also connected to a dimmer switch which allows you finite control over how light your room is. 

Add a Guest Room 

If you have an empty space on your property, whether that be a loft, cellar or even garage, it could be doing so much more. A conversion can allow you to unlock the true potential in these spaces, and there is so much it could be used for: from a games room with a snooker table and the latest consoles, to a home gymnasium or an office that allows you to escape the rat race and work from home. Perhaps the best idea, however, if you like to entertain visitors to your house, is to convert it into an extra bedroom or bathroom. This means there will be no problem if a guest wants to stay the night, and it can also be useful for parents whose children are living or studying away, but who are prone to return unexpectedly. 

Adding a guest bedroom is a perfect way to show your guests that they’re welcome in your home, and having a high-quality garden gate, a wooden gazebo in which to entertain them, and warm and welcoming lighting inside and out, can also make a big difference to how you and your home are perceived. With the right DIY skills, these jobs can be quicker and a lot cheaper than you might expect, and they can even add value to your property. 

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