Keeping your parents independent


Time certainly has flown by since having children. There is not a day that goes by where we are not zipping around here and there. With everyone in the family growing older, it is important to check up on your parents and their well-being. Keeping them independent for as long as possible should improve their longevity. At the very least it will let them feel less of a burden.

So how can you help them stay independent?

Home alterations

Making some minor changes at home should promote longer use. With a potential for falls or poor balance stairs can become treacherous. It is safer to use a stairlift to reduce the risk of falling, for the entrance to the house you could also use railings as supports. Installing bathroom aids will ensure they are well supported when using the toilet and bath. You have the option to purchase a walk in bath which can be safer than a slippery shower floor. If budget is limited you could simply rearrange the use of rooms so they utilise the ground floor of the house.


While you can help with some of the day to day things. Ensuring they have their food shop delivered and giving them a hand keeping the house clean. I feel it is important that you know when to reach out for help. Contacting social services does not mean defeat. Getting additional carer support can ensure everyone’s mental and physical health remains robust.


With anything in life our health can be the most important. If your parents health has begun to decline, you will have to ensure they are still safe to be independent. Reviewing this on a regular basis. It can be hard to discuss this as a family but by having an agreed plan it should reduce any confusion or stress if the time comes for your parent to stop being independent. For us this would mean utilising a room in our house, for others it could be a care home.

Whatever the time of life you are in, it is always best to plan for the future!

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