A Guide To Choosing A Bathroom Shower Unit

Bathroom Shower

You might be planning on a bathroom revamp or are in the process of building your dream home, and your choice of shower unit is one to give careful consideration. You ideally want something that is eco-friendly, responsive to temperature change, and of course, aesthetically pleasing, and there are various shower types available, which we will examine in some detail. 

Electric Showers 

By far the most popular type of shower unit, an electric shower is easy to install and very energy efficient as it draws cold water and heats it with an element as it passes through the shower unit. The advantage to an electric shower is you are not heating any more water than you will actually use, and with some excellent Grohe Shower available at Trading Depot, you will be providing all the hot water you need in a very energy efficient way. This type of shower unit is ideally suited for a house that does not have a readily available supply of hot water and is very easy to install. 

Mixer Shower Units 

Mixer shower units deliver a mixture of hot and cold water and generally have a higher rate of water flow than the electric type. The hot and cold water are mixed within the unit and then delivered to the shower head, which is ideal for a home with readily available hot water, and in the event the water pressure is inadequate, an extra pump can be installed. This type of shower unit does use significantly more water than some of the other models, which is the main reason people are turning to eco-friendly shower units. 

Eco-Friendly Showers

If you and your family adopt the green approach to living, an eco-friendly shower is the perfect solution, as this delivers approximately half the normal amount of water regardless of the pressure, and with an efficient thermostat installed, the water will always be at just the right temperature. This system uses a closed loop system, whereby the water is recycled and returned through the shower unit and this is constantly repeated. 

Digital Remotely Controlled Showers 

Technology allows us to have a shower unit that can be controlled remotely by a panel that is affixed to the wall, and this is a popular choice for the smart homeowner, who likes everything automated. If you live in the UK, there are established online suppliers of bathroom fixtures and fittings that stock a wide range of shower units of all types, and with the online supplier, you will likely pay lower than retail prices, which is always good news. 

More and more homeowners are becoming energy conscious, and the wide range of shower units gives you an opportunity to reduce your water consumption, while not compromising on appearance. I particlularly favour mirrored shower enclosures, if you would like to browse the extensive catalogue of an online supplier, a Google search will point you in the right direction. 

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