Ideas to Spruce up Your Garden


Spring is on the way.  The evenings are getting lighter and hopefully we have seen the back of the snow.  It’s time to think about ways to spruce your up your garden after a cold winter.  But bearing in mind March/April can still have strong winds, so regularly check on your plants to make sure they are coping okay.

Does anything need replacing?

Now is the time to paint, clean and repair.  You might even want to invest in some new garden furniture or clean up the ones you have already.  Groupon have some amazing bargains currently if you want something new.  It’s a good time to stock up so you have enough seats for entertaining outdoors in Summer.

Sow Seeds

If you want a thriving vegetable patch now is a busy time for sowing seeds.  Sow your courgette, cucumber, tomato, leeks, squash, pumpkin and radish seeds.

Keeping Warm

Spring can be quite cold still, so it might be worth investing in a fire pit or patio heater.  Then you can still entertain into the evenings and bask in the comfortable warmth.

Lawn Maintenance

Sow grass seeds to fix a damaged lawn.  You might need to start mowing the lawn again around now.  But choose a day with good weather, wet grass is heavier so doesn’t collect up very well.  It can leave your lawn looking messy, with big clumps of grass everywhere.  Or you could consider installing artificial grass if you don’t have much time to commit to the garden as it springs to life.


The lawn is growing again but so are the weeds so prioritize time for weeding or look at other options to make your life easier.

Cut back trees and bushes

These might have become overgrown over the winter months.  Prune them back but be very careful of birds that might be nesting.  We have one bush we let grow wild as it seems a haven for wildlife.

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