Reasons for Hair Loss and What to do About It

Hair Loss

Lately I have noticed my hair is thinning.  My crowning glory, that trademark unruly mop is starting to look a bit threadbare in places.  It’s tough when one of your favourite features about yourself starts to change.

You can make adjustments and learn to live with it or do your research and see what choices you have!  If it’s a temporary lose making a few lifestyle changes can drastically improve matters.  It’s amazing what a balanced diet can do!

Factors that can influence hair loss


As you get older you kind of expect to lose your hair.  But it doesn’t mean that you must cut it all off and embrace going bald!  You can look at other options.  Depending on your budget, look at the hair transplant cost and see if you can justify it!  My father in law is rocking the comb over but that’s starting to wear a little thin now!

Your genes

You might think that it’s a losing battle if it’s down to your genes.  You can’t fight nature, right?

Wrong – you can get prescription tablets to help treat the condition.  Although these apparently don’t work for everyone!  Hopefully you could be one of the lucky few.


You can’t expect your hair to look its best if you’re not taking care of yourself.  Look at improving your lifestyle to encourage regrowth of your locks.  If you have a stressful job try and take a step back, share the workload and use up some of your holiday entitlement.  Get early nights and rest up.



Make changes to what you eat.  Certain foods will help you achieve healthy hair, top up on protein, iron, vitamin C, omega-3, Zinc and Vitamin E to help your hair stay strong.  Consider taking a supplement for anything your missing.  Without protein your hair will be weak and brittle.

Skin Conditions

Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis are two skin conditions that can lead to temporary hair loss.  Getting prompt treatment for these problems can mean the hair can soon grow back.  You might need to use a medicated shampoo but once cleared up your hair can return to its previous condition.

Losing your hair can impact how you feel about yourself.  If it gets you down talk to someone about it and who knows making one simple change could remedy the problem!

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