How to create a family-friendly bathroom


In many homes, one bathroom is all you have. Everybody in the house, from children to distant relatives, must use it at some point in their day, so it’s important to make sure the room is accessible and usable to all ages. 

Make things clear 

If you have guests over, you need to make sure they know exactly where things are. You don’t want anybody to spend hours in the bathroom because they can’t find the toilet paper while you’re out, and you certainly don’t want children using the wrong bottle as soap just because it was the first one they saw. Make sure things are in logical places and, if you can’t go that naturally, add a little chart or note on the wall (in a material that won’t go sorry) explaining where to find the everyday necessities. 

Make the bathroom clear 

Visiting somebody’s house for the first time is awkward enough without having to find the bathroom, so if they must go from room to room before they can work out where it is, you need to make some changes. Even if you just put a signpost on the door – or even remove the entire door and replace it with something else – it should be enough to telegraph where they need to go. 

Have a shower 

It’s true that baths are a good way to relax and clean yourself, but showers are more universal and generally safer, plus they won’t break as easily. True, not all of us have shower suites, but even just having a tap or faucet attachment that functions as a temporary showerhead-and-hose is enough: not everybody will be able to get out of baths on their own safely, and some simply won’t have time – at least with the option of a shower, it’s less likely they’ll be smelling for a whole other day before they get the time to wash. The same can be achieved with a shower bath, if you want more consistent and pleasant-looking results. 

Check the flooring 

People slip. It happens. But with the right flooring, you’ll be able to prevent as many accidents from happening, especially to people who could be hurt most by them. If you can find something that won’t get spoiled by water and won’t cause slips, take a look and see how well it fits into your bathroom design – luxury vinyl bathroom tiles could be an intriguing option for some people out there. 

Don’t mix and match 

It’s a nightmare trying to shower or take a bath when somebody needs something from the bathroom you’re in. If possible, consider putting all non-bathroom-related items in a storage unit just outside the bathroom – that way, your children will be able to get their toothbrushes at night without having to trek around the house, but you won’t be disturbed by them barging in whilst you’re just wearing a towel. If that won’t cut it, install a shower curtain above your bath – like those offered by Victorian Plumbing – so you can pull it across to avoid accidental embarrassment for both parties. 

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