Battle on with your Healthy Living

With our New Years resolutions a fading memory, I intend to battle on through February with my healthy living! I have a holiday booked for later in the year and want to look my best. It’s a special holiday as the wife turns 40 this year…

First things first however, I really need to start exercising more. The only problem I have is my wardrobe is lacking anything vaguely sporty. Secondly I still have yet to completely kick some of my bad eating habits. No need to check my drawer at work – there is definitely chocolate there! It’s regularly restocked by the secretaries too.

To improve my odds I give you my quick step plan:

Get Sporty

It’s not all in the mind, I firmly believe to get into exercising I have to look the part. Being known as a savvy shopper I always hunt for deals, so using a Nike voucher code can not only help me save money but can get me into the sporty zone! I always have found it hard to find running shoes that I like but fit comfortably as well. The Nike Air VaporMax are calling to me! All I need now is to find some time to get running! Perhaps a couch to 10k session is in order? I have seen them advertised in our local leisure centre. It involves a gradual build up with more walking initially building up to running for longer periods. I think its good its staggered so you don’t burn out too early on.

Get Mentally Prepared

It is easy to say “I want to lose weight and get fit”, but the reality of it is so much trickier. I have to plan my schedule around work and the kids and wanting my own relaxation time. I wouldn’t even know when to squeeze a workout in. This means in order for any change to work it has to be a balance of sacrificing some of my personal time and being committed enough to want it to happen. My wife would say I spend far too long playing computer games so she thinks I have plenty of time to pursue other interests. She is probably right so its about gearing myself up to do it.

Eat Well

I pretty much do all the cooking in the house so when it comes to being able to decide on dinner this really is an area I should be able to focus on. Sure I have been trying to address portion size control but there has to be so much more I can do to loose calories out of my diet. Making better meal choices, avoiding convenience food. However I usually end up resorting to some easy dish, purely because of the limited equipment I have in my Kitchen. It would be beneficial to head over to to pick up some additional supplies. I was pleasantly surprised to find numerous recipes on their website to aid me with detoxing and weight loss! Don’t forget to grab a Dexam voucher code to ensure you stretch your budget!


The biggest obstacle since having kids is purely finding the time and the peace and quiet to stick to a rigid routine. I used to finish work and head straight for my rowing machine to do half an hour workout before cooking dinner. Now I would be lucky to have five minutes peace before cooking a meal for the four of us! Perhaps one way around this would be to involve the kids in the exercise routine. Get them working for their screen time by running circuits around the house, sit ups, star jumps or something that will burn up their excess energies and my excess weight! The boys will be worn out come bedtime and I should slim down in no time at all.

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