Seven tips to improve your home


Whether you’re considering selling your home or just curious about how to improve the quality of your living environment, here are some top tips to make your home feel that much more comfortable. Although the cost of these improvements varies, you might find that the smallest of touches that cost the least might be the changes that improve your chances of selling or just making your home feel more like yours. After all, the small details can go a long way to making you feel more comfortable and considering that your home is where you go to relax and unwind, you want it to be as perfect as possible. 

Change your welcome mat 

Get things right straight from the start, with a brand new welcome mat. They aren’t something that people really register if they step onto the same one every day, but newcomers will notice if your welcome mat is threadbare, greasy and falling apart. Most welcome mats struggle to last through a proper winter, so it makes sense to buy a fresh one once a year. Available for very little money, this first step into your home isn’t going to add any value to it, but it will make it feel more welcoming, especially if you get yourself a personalised one that reflects you and your family. 

Replace a plug! 

Such a small change but you’ll notice the difference for the rest of the year! If your current plugs are hanging from rusty chains, or the plug itself is split, then this low-cost DIY effort is a no-brainer. It requires no tools and takes less than five minutes, while the amount of time you spend checking it out while in the bath or doing the washing up, will make those few minutes absolutely worth it. Also, by changing the bath plug that’s probably been there for years, you can take the opportunity to personalise it. So whether you’d like a sci-fi related plug or even a light up unicorn plug, the options are out there. 

A hot tub in the garden  

Hot tub

It may not add much regarding monetary value to your home, but adding a hot tub to your garden is beneficial for a number of reasons. Hot tubs provide a variety of health benefits and are great for reducing stress, aiding sleep and even lowering blood pressure. Combined with the fact that they are also generate interest in potential house-buyers, and homes with top rated hot tubs tend to generate more inquiries. So for those that are interested in selling their home, a hot tub might be the deciding factor when it comes to the final sale. For those that aren’t looking to sell, the health benefits and sheer luxury of relaxing in the hot, bubbling water should probably be enough incentive. 

Fill a vase with fresh flowers 

Bringing colour and life into your home adds beauty and energy to your living environment, and even if you’re not the green-fingered type, there are plenty of quick and easy guides to help you make the most of your attempts at indoor horticulture. The fact that they fill your home with fresh scents and are great for your psychological well-being is simply an added bonus. Reducing stress, increasing happiness and acting as a natural mood booster, the question is, why wouldn’t you have fresh flowers in your home? A cheap way of decorating and an easy way of adding your own personality to a room, adding flowers is easy and positively beneficial. 

Add mirrors 

Mirrors can be put to some amazing uses in the home. There are so many clever tricks that you can use to make rooms feel brighter and even larger. By catching the light and angling it correctly, it is possible to illuminate the darker corners of rooms. It can be utilised for the grandest effect by placing mirrors directly opposite your largest windows, allowing the maximum amount of light in and spreading it out equally. However, no matter where you put your mirrors, the bigger they are, the more they will accentuate the notion of space. For those who entertain often, a mirror positioned near a dinner table or party area will make the room feel busier as the guests arrive. 

Hang a bird feeder 

Backyard birds are brilliant to watch, beautiful to look at and serve a very real purpose if they are regular visitors to your garden. Although it may take a bit of time and research to work out the best foods to bring to your avian friends, the results are worth it. Birds bring life and colour to your garden, and the more feeders that you hang, the more variety of bird you’ll get to see. Of course, birds don’t just eat what’s in the feeders. If you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, then birds can become valuable allies in the fight against swarming insects. They’re the ultimate in organic pest control. 

A dining area in the garden  

A bit of al fresco dining is a great way to take advantage of the views of your garden and beyond. If you’re already blessed with an outside eating area, have a look around and see what can be spruced up. There are so many ways to make an outside dining area a comfortable and relaxing place to chat with friends or host a barbecue, and some of them aren’t as expensive as you’d imagine. Another bonus is that adding an outside functional space to your garden can add significantly to the value of your home and all for very little outlay. 

So all you have to do is work out where your home most needs to improve and then start to tend to those little things. You don’t need to break the bank for any of these improvements, but they will continue to add positivity and freshness to your home for a long time. These quick and very easy tips will bring a whole new level of enjoyment and satisfaction to your home life. 

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