3 Hacks for Keeping a Tidy Home

Tidy Home

The idea of having a tidy home is brilliant, it sounds like the kind of thing that belongs in a 1950’s film where the hero gets his cadillac fixed up at a garage service like www.ameauto.com.au and then sings a musical number.

For many of us, unfortunately, this dream can seem to be an all but impossible feat to achieve.

When we finally build up the resolve and determination to attack the cleaning with force and vigour, it never seems like long until the mess re-accumulates and we have to begin the entire process all over again.

There are some pretty straightforward reasons for why this happens, and they all more or less come back to the fact that we need to have systems in place to keep things tidy, not just do the cleaning every once in a long while and hope for the best.

Here are a few simple systems you can implement to help you keep a tidy home.

Use tidying triggers

All habits are based on triggers, and this goes for both the good and the bad. An example of a habit trigger for a bad habit could be craving a cigarette each time we sit down with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. A trigger for a good habit could be feeling restless and ready to get some exercise done whenever we put our running shoes on.

Introducing habit triggers to your tidying routine has the potential to get you doing micro-clean-ups throughout the day without even noticing it, or seeming to spend any effort or willpower at all.

One great example of this would be setting up a trigger that every time you finish eating a plate of food, you wash the plate and put it on the drying rack.

The total time required for this exercise is under a minute, and the effort cost is almost zero. Compare that to how much mental energy it takes to wash a full sink of dishes.

Maintain a place for everything, and keep everything in its place

It’s extremely easy for things to end up cluttering the house, when you have no clear idea of where the item in question belongs, or any good answer to the question “what should be done with it?”

By having a place for everything, you can keep everything in its place, and massively reduce the risk of ending up with a cluttered home environment.

If, for example, you don’t have a laundry basket for your dirty clothes, how they could they not get in the way, either by ending up on the floor, or draped over a chair?

Keep a cleaning rota

Cleaning rotas are usually associated with roommates trying to resolve disputes over whose turn it is to clean the toilet, or take out the rubbish. And it’s true that they do a great job of creating order in these potentially tense situations.

Even if you live alone, however, a cleaning “rota” of sorts can be a fantastic way of making sure that you have a set routine for handling the big cleaning tasks which have to be handled, but less often that the day-to-day basics. If every Tuesday is “bathroom cleanup” day, you’ll be less likely to leave the tub grimy for a month-long stretch.

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