Transform the Exterior of Your Home with These Ideas

Sometimes years of exposure to bad weather, plus the need for more space, mean you want to change the outside of your home. If the outside is not kept clean and painted, you could start to suffer from damage which will be costlier to repair. Another reason you might want to update the exterior of your home is if you’re looking to sell it some time soon. By fixing and renovating the outside, you can increase the sale value. Here are some ideas that can help you update the exterior of your home.


If your home is from a certain time in the 1970’s or 1980’s, then you may have some stone cladding or pebble dashing on the outside walls of your home. Although this was a hugely popular thing to do at that time, many of the homes with this have started to see some of the cladding come away from the walls. In some cases, is can actually be dangerous. You have two options when it comes to dealing with the old cladding. You can remove it and paint the walls underneath, or you can remove it and replace it with a more modern cladding which has been safety tested. The easiest and cheapest option is to paint the walls with a masonry paint. Painting protects your home and stops the weather from penetrating the brickwork or wood. The new cladding is available in many types of materials from softwood timber which is the cheapest, to composite cladding which is the most expensive.

The Roof

Your roof is designed to last many years. However, there can be things that need to be done to keep it looking nice and remaining in good condition. You should take a look at the roof and see the condition of the tiles. Inspect them and look for any damage or moss growth. If you do see moss, then using a pressure washer should be able to remove it easily. You should also check the guttering to make sure it’s free from debris and blockages that could stop it from draining. If the roof is in need of repair, then you can just change the damaged tiles and leave the others as they are. If, however, the roof is in bad condition, you may have to think about replacing all the tiles. It can also be a good opportunity to check the timbers underneath the roof to make sure it is still in good condition. The cost of replacing your roof will depend on the types of tiles you want to use.


If you have wooden windows, then they can start to deteriorate over time. If you’re outside, check their condition and the paintwork. If you notice breaking or rotting of the frames, you should consider replacing them. If you want to keep the appearance of the house, then you can have wooden windows put in to replace the old ones, they will usually need to be painted after fitting to protect them from the elements. You can also choose another material such as UPVC which is stronger and more resistant to weather than wooded types. They also have no need to be painted as the wooden ones will. You can also buy metal framed windows as well, they are also strong and won’t need to be painted.

Front Door

Part of your new look could include a new front door. Or, you can think about getting the old one refurbished. As with the windows, there is a choice of materials including wood, PVC, and metal. All of them are strong and weather resistant, and you can add locks and other security features to them. Your other option is to refurbish your old door. If you have a wooden door, then it’s a straightforward process to sand down the old layers and make it ready for a new coat of paint. Any holes or scratches can be fixed with a wood filler before you start to paint. You’ll need an outdoor paint that is resistant to the weather to stop the door from becoming damaged.

Add an Extension

If you’re starting to run out of space in your home, then rather than move to another house you could extend the one you have. Any extension will need to be approved before you can start. However, you can then start to expand your house to add the extra space. You can choose to make the extensions blend in with the period of the house, or you can go for a more contemporary theme. Whichever you choose, it will need to be practical and respectful to your neighbors. Apart from giving you some much needed extra space, an extension will add to the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.

If you want to add some space to the front of the house, or just add a bit of character to the front, you can have a porchway added. A porch should be more in keeping with the design of the house so that it blends in and creates a character. It’s also a great place to keep shoes, coats and other outdoor wear to stop mud and water coming into the house.

Convert an Existing Garage

If you have a garage that is attached to your home, you can get some additional space by simply converting it into a living area. You’ll need to clear out the garage and refit it with insolation and plasterboard to make it suitable for living in, however, you won’t have to build any additional walls on the outside. It’s an ideal way to extend a kitchen or even as an extra bedroom.

If you’re thinking about renovating the outside of your home, then carefully consider what type of design and colour you want before you commence with the work. You can quickly give your home a completely fresh look just by doing a few simple things.

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