You Don’t Need To Knock Down A Wall For More Space

Space. It’s the golden calf of all homeowners and investors. You want more of it because you want to relax, you want to have more room and you want to take advantage of the real value it adds to the home. However, you don’t have to start knocking down the walls between rooms and start building entirely new portions to the home. Those just aren’t feasible owners for a lot of homeowners. Instead, you might do better taking the time to discover the space already existing that you can simply open up.

Go vertical

Your home might be feeling cramped because you’re using up too much floor space. Instead, you should look at whether your walls might be underutilized. In the bedroom, the office, and the living room, you could push more furniture up to the available walls so you have more central space that can better balance out the room. Changing some of the fixtures on the walls like switching to vertical panel radiators can open up a lot more space, too. You can use storage furniture that’s broader and taller than its deeper. All of this serves to make sure that the all-valuable floor space isn’t encroached upon quite as much as it would be otherwise.

Cut the clutter

If your home is feeling cluttered, then it’s probably because there really is too much clutter. There are plenty of ways to deal with it, as well. The best place to start off from, however, is with a purge. Start making an inventory of all the bits and bobs in the room. Once you’ve done that, prioritize them. Start with the ones that most obviously need to be there, such as the main pieces of furniture. But go down into every last detail with every accessory and piece of wall art. When you start labelling them, it’s a lot easier to simply recognise that they don’t add any practical or emotional appeal to a room. For the stuff you want to keep, but don’t quite want in the way, start looking at new ways to add storage space. For instance, look at multi-tasking furniture.

A trick of the light

The feeling of spaciousness and comfort in a room is as much mental as it is about the realities of a space. That mental comfort is very often associated with how we view the room. Colour and light are the two fundamentals of making a room open up better. Allow for more natural light in your rooms by moving away from heavy, thick window treatments and more to things like neat blinds. Consider how you light the rooms artificially, too. Accent the main lights so that you have much fewer dark corners that tend to swallow up the space of a room.

Invest in custom pieces

We’ve already mentioned how you can get ingenious with multi-purpose furniture. These can help you fit storage just about anywhere. But what about the spaces of the home where pre-made furniture won’t fit? That’s when you should start looking into custom options, instead. For instance, if your bedrooms have any awkward corners or jutting parts to them, don’t see what you can fit in there. Make the most use of that space possible by investing in bespoke bedroom wardrobes. There are plenty of other spaces you can add a little extra storage, too. You can open up and organize the space under the stairs so that it provides plenty of room. Don’t assume that any part of the home has no use.

Making changes

With that same idea of being resourceful with what you have in mind, consider some of the biggest spaces that you’re not using. It takes a lot of effort and not a little investment to properly convert an attic, to finish a basement, or to make a garage fit for living in. However, if you’re not already fully utilizing these spaces, they can do more that take advantage of already existing space. They give you very real rooms and measurements to add on to the home in, for example, a for-sale listing. This is where you can see the most potential for increasing the value of the home. Even if the other spaces in the home aren’t quite big enough to make a full room out of, finishing them could at least add a lot of storage space.

There are, of course, limits to how much space exactly you can open up in the home. But until you’ve reached that limit, be inventive, follow the tips above, and keep finding ways to use the space you haven’t thought of it.

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