A Guide To Creating “The Modern Home”

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It’s so hard to keep up with the modern age, but there’s so much pressure for everyone to do so. Every time you get a new cell phone it’s already been replaced by a better cell phone, and every time you listen to a new artist they’re already old and outdated. The same can be said for the modern day home. Trends and styles are changing all the time, so it’s impossible for the average modern day home owner to stay at the cutting edge of interior and exterior design. You don’t have the money, the time, or the patience to continually invent your home to feel “new” and “sleek”.

Still, perhaps you’re overthinking it. Creating the ideal “modern home” isn’t about following trends or installing fancy gadgets and pieces of technology around the house. Those things are all great if that’s what you want for your home, but modernity is a longer lasting concept than you might think. The things which look “good” around the home need only feel fresh and well-maintained to feel modern and new. That’s what you need to be thinking about around the home; how can I keep my house looking fresh? If you’re wondering what the question to that question may be then this guide might just be your holy grail.

Start with the basics

Before you make any drastic changes to your house, you should work from the foundation and build your way up from there. Your home is probably looking a little worn, dated, and perhaps even broken in places after years of you and your family living there. Even the most cautious people will find that their homes eventually start to deteriorate due to the simple passage of time. You need to start with the walls when it comes to refreshing your property. A fresh coat of paint will take your home back to that new, modern feel it had when you first moved in. White is always a great neutral color to choose when repainting the walls in your house because it creates a blank canvas on which you can add ideas later. The fresh coat of white paint will also invite more natural light into rooms, as it’s a reflective color, and this will help to brighten your house.

Mirrors are also a great tool for reflecting natural light, and you might want to look into buying more or repositioning your existing ones to help add a sense of space to rooms in your house. These are all very basic points for redecorating your home’s interior, and they’ll give you an idea as to how much work really needs to be done around your outdated property. You might find that your home already feels modern and spacious with some repainted walls and reorganised mirrors or other furnishings. Make some small changes to start with and see whether the damage is really as bad as you think. If you’re lucky then you might feel the job is done after only a little work, but you probably still want to modernize your home a little further.

The comfort factor

It’s important that your home still feels like a home. People often mistake modernity with fashion, but, whilst a fashionable and trendy home might be an aesthetically-pleasing piece of eye candy, that doesn’t mean it’s a comfortable place to live. It’s important to find the right balance between comfort and modernity. Soft pillows are always a life-saver because they’re a decorative piece as well as an item of comfort. If your couch is lovely but a little cold and uncomfortable without any additional furnishings then adding some cushions and pillows doesn’t only turn it into a cozy retreat but it adds some aesthetic character to a room. The same goes for beds in the house; you don’t need to use all the pillows you put on the bed, but it creates a warm and inviting feel in your home.

Wooden flooring

This is a very specific suggestion, but it’s a smart suggestion, nonetheless. Carpets can be very soft and pleasant, but they’re also incredibly prone to wear and tear. They become old, faded, and tacky within the first few years, and then you’re left with floors that just ruin the overall aesthetic of each and every room in your house. Opting for hardwood flooring instead is a much wiser option; it has a timeless quality to it, so you won’t have to worry about losing that feeling of newness and modernity in your home.

Hardwood also lasts a long time in a physical sense, so it’ll provide great return on your investment; it’ll add value to your home if you should ever want to sell it. But, in terms of modernity, using wood for interior design is an ancient practice, so you don’t have to worry about it going “out of style”. Better yet, you can have the best of both worlds by buying some sleek and comfortable rugs for rooms in the house to add a cozy feel to the place. If a rug becomes old and tacky then it’s far easier to replace than an entirely-carpeted floor.

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The kitchen

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the house in both an aesthetic and practical sense. If this room is looking a little worn and neglected then it’s going to affect the feel of the entire house. You should fix all the practical things, first; loose cabinet doors, dodgy fridges, and chipped or faded tiling. Repainting old cabinets, cupboards, and other furnishings in your kitchen (much as you repainted the walls) could also help to lift the feeling of the room; remember, modernity is all about freshness and good maintenance habits. Don’t get hung up on fashion trends. Your house only looks old if it falls into neglect and disrepair.

But there may come a point at which you realize appliances and furnishings are just beyond repair; it’s time for a replacement. You might want to browse through some kitchen sink options online because it could also really help you to get interior design ideas by seeing the style of modern kitchen fixtures and appliances out there. If you have a good idea of the aesthetic of the sinks, cupboards, and kitchen appliances that you’re looking to buy then you’ll have an idea of color schemes and thematic stylings for the rest of the kitchen (this could potentially even affect your decision on colors and aesthetics throughout the rest of the house).

Add some flourishes and personal touches

A home has to break the mold; it has to feel like your personal space. If you want to break some fresh life into your house then you might want to take a fresh look at the way you’re using the existing space around your property. Perhaps you could add a brand new room to your home by creating a hidden spot in the lounge, a bedroom, or perhaps even the attic. You could create something out of a Bond film by making a bookshelf that pulls aside and welcomes you into a cozy little library area. If anybody in the house needs alone time to relax and unwind then they’ll have it. Ideas like this are the way to create a fresh and cool atmosphere around yourself. Just create something new in your home.

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Shapes are important

Retreating back to a very artistic approach to your home, you should remember to champion the shapes of items around your property. Rectangular furniture, for example, is very modern, and trends like that don’t go out of style because they’re based on pure aesthetic pleasure. Intriguing shapes and patterns simply look good to the human eye, so they’ll always look fresh and modern. In your lounge, this should be more important than ever. This is the ultimate chill-out zone in your house, and it needs more than comfortable couches on which you can sit; it needs to be comfortable for the eye too. Neat edges, straight lines, and minimalistic patterns are all very pleasing and satisfying to the human eye.

The garden

We’ve talked a lot about the interior design of your home, but don’t neglect the exterior nature of your property. The way your home looks from the outside, as you approach it after a long day at work or school, is vitally important to the way your perceive your house as a whole. Modernity has to be a uniform thing; if you want your home to feel fresh and new then it needs to look fresh and new everywhere. In fact, first impressions count, so it’s perhaps most important that your home looks good from the outside.

Put a little time into maintaining your garden. Plant fresh flowerbeds, de-weed, and mow the lawn. You don’t have to stop there, of course. You could create a cozy patio area to give you and the family incentive to spend more time in this outdoor space and admire your gardening work.

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