Time For Some Summer Fun – Let’s Party!

It’s almost that time of year again. Kids will be out of school and the long days of summer just beg for some old fashion fun. Birthday parties take on a new style. Pool parties, neighborhood cook-outs and long afternoons at the park are a way of life. 

If you are ready to have some fun, come along with us. We are going to give you a couple of ideas to make your summer parties sizzle! 

We suggest a “Summer Picnic” theme. Choose a tablecloth with traditional checked patterns. Use baskets and checked napkins for the front section of the table to give the table a picnic look. Mason jars are excellent holders for suckers, straws, and tall candy.


The backdrop for our summer picnic candy buffet is fun, beautiful, and whimsical. We are going to use fireflies. You can hang the fireflies to the trees (even silk trees for indoors). Making fireflies are easy. You will need LED balloon lights that blink in the color green (available online in bulk or at a party supply store), fishing line, paper clips or ornament hooks, and black electrical tape. The lights will work for 24 – 48 hours so set them up before you set up your buffet.

Cut the fishing line in various sizes between 1 – 3 foot. Tie the fishing line to the light (there is a hole to secure it to). Tie the paper-clip or ornament hook to the other end. Use the black tape to cover the silver on the LED lights. Hang the lights. Spread them out or group them together to make a natural firefly display.


Use your imagination. A picnic basket, overflowing with fruit, flowers, and summer toys works. A big pitcher of lemonade and some cups and straws work. A display of lollipops works. Set up a tiered dish and use ice cream cones with “scoops” of cotton candy for a cool summer look. 

We suggest a group of different size mason or fruit jars filled with a few of the fireflies you made for your backdrop. Cut the fishing line to short stands and tape to the inside of the lid so the fireflies are hanging randomly. You can fill the jar loosely with grass or twigs. Cover the outer lid with fabric or tie a bow around the edge. Use boxes or dishes to raise and lower the jars and group them. This is a great addition to our picnic theme candy buffet, and the low power LED lights are not a fire danger.


You will need to buy your candy in bulk. You can more information here

Use baskets, plastic buckets and shovels, and clear jars or vases. Make sure you have scoops, spoons, and tongs to allow your guests to serve themselves. 

Provide paper goodie bags or boxes for the guests to take their goodies home. 

Expect to use 8-ounces of candy per guest. For the end of summer, have plenty of gummy worms, gummy bugs, and candy dots. Bulk candy like M&M’s, jelly beans, nerds, mints, and hard candy are a good choice, Rock candy sticks, suckers, lollipops, and gumballs work well. 

Your summer picnic will be a big hit and there will be lots of goodies for everyone. Fill in empty spots with pretzels or popcorn for a salty addition. 

Stick with 3 colors (different hues of the same colors are fine) and try to keep your theme together. Remember, there is no wrong way to set up your party. 


If the fireflies does not work out for you, you can use flip-flops and summer hats for your backdrop. Just attach them to a cloth or hang them from the background with fishing wire. At the end of the day, let your guests take them as favors.

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