5 Ways To Be More Adventurous

Life has a way of becoming monotonous and boring when you’re in a routine. It’s not fun when your days start mushing together, and you’re continuously searching for any sign of inspiration. This is when it’s time for you to take charge and start making changes in your life.

The reason you stay and don’t make adjustments is because you’re comfortable. Being content has a way of pulling you back and telling you not to make any sudden moves. You have to be the one who takes action to bring a change of pace to your life. See five ways to be more adventurous.


Start altering your appearance a bit. You don’t have to get crazy, but make small changes that are noticeable. Wear a new style of clothing or get a new hairdo. It doesn’t have to be major modifications, but enough to tell there’s a change about you. Try wearing more color if you’re known to dress in black. All of the little adjustments will make you feel like a new person.

Personal Goals

Be more aggressive in your goal setting. Pledge to train for and run a race or volunteer more. Put yourself out there and meet new people in your community. Revisit your passions and participate in activities that let your desires come to life. Design stretch goals for yourself, but set objectives that are achievable so you don’t get frustrated.

Water Sports 

Try a new sport like riding motorized boards or jet surfing – companies such as JetSurf, offer lightweight motorized surfboards which can be easily transported, as well as online manuals to help beginners ride and care for them. They’re fun to ride and easily transportable; great to ride with friends and family.

The water is a great place to be, and the experience will have you laughing and filled with excitement. Recreational water sports are an excellent way to challenge yourself and feel adventurous. Gather your friends together and race each other. The possibilities for having a good time and getting out of your rut are endless.

DIY Projects

Dare yourself to take on a new DIY project. Build a table or bookshelf for the house or a gift for someone else. Creativity is good for your brain, and DIY projects will test your patience and have you using new skills you didn’t know you had. These tasks will test your persistence and make you feel good when you’re all done. It’s rewarding to see your project when it’s completed.


Open your palette to new foods and flavors. Cook exotic recipes at home and order interesting dishes when you’re out to eat. Use spices that you normally wouldn’t touch. To be adventurous, you’re going to have to try foods you’re not going to like, but that’s the fun of it. You’ll soon start to find new foods that are pleasant tasting, which you would never have dreamed you’d eat. Seek out different cuisines and styles of cooking. Experiment at your home and explore dishes that challenge your cooking skills.


There are times when life gets boring. It’s up to you to accept it or make some changes. These are five ways to be more adventurous and experience new and exciting ventures.

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