What’s Wrong With Your Home Media Setup?

The home theater, the chillout spot, the gaming den. Whatever you call it, it’s supposed to be your sanctuary. It’s the place where you can binge a series on a weekend or enjoy some multiplayer shooters after a hard day of work. The sad fact is that most awesome media setups aren’t as awesome as they should be and go woefully underutilized. If that’s the problem you’re facing, these could be the solutions.

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You haven’t got the best setup

Sometimes the problems are purely physical. To start with, you need to think posture. If you’re sitting on a seat with no support or you have to crane your neck to get a good look at the TV, it’s not conducive to spending any real amount of time in there. Adjustable seats and TV mounts can be your friend here. You need to find the height and distance that works best for you. You also need to consider an ergonomic chair, like an office chair, that better supports your head and neck. You can’t forget about the sound, either. Bad speaker placement can really make it a lot harder to enjoy a movie.

Missing the full package

This is more about the services and devices you use within the media den. If you prefer streaming your TV, you need to choose carefully between the packages you get. Different services even offer different shows based on what country you’re in, which you might be able to get past with tips from securethoughts.com. Either way, you should know what’s available to you and which programs you really want, so you’re not paying for something you don’t use.

The surroundings just aren’t right

It’s not always about the practicality of the setup, either. Sometimes it’s about the surroundings. A great man-cave needs a bit of love put into it. Make sure the lighting is supportive of the long-distance marathons you tend to run when gaming. Create the perfect surroundings by using what you love. Framed movie posters can be a great choice if you’re a would-be critic. If you’re a gamer, you might even be able to find some retro arcade machines that really give the place the feel of a gaming paradise. The more comfortable and engaged you feel in there, the easier it is to enjoy.

Your internet is terrible

If you’re relying on wi-fi, then the room might not exactly be in the right place to get the kind of connection you need. When online gaming or streaming TV, that becomes a serious problem. You’ll be watching lower quality videos and lagging out of matches online. Pcgamer.com has a few great methods of increasing the bandwidth your media center gets to see. For instance, signal boosters can improve the wireless itself. But there are also adaptors that use your power lines to transfer bandwidth directly from the router to another room with ethernet connectivity.

The conditions for your late-night gaming session or lazy morning movie should be perfect. Don’t settle for less and follow the tips above to get the home media battle station you deserve.

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