Top tips for choosing a wardrobe

Everybody dreams about a big house with everything from a fancy kitchen to a pool that faces the sun, so you can enjoy a beautiful sun set pool side. Small things in a normal house can give you the same feeling.

I was a person who never gave a second thought towards storage space until my now wife moved in with me. Only then I got to know that there are protocols that even a toothbrush has to follow. Similarly, I knew only after she moved in that she has more clothes than the whole of the H&M clothing store. This meant I needed extra bedroom wardrobe closets for which I decided to get myself a sliding door wardrobe. I search both in person and online for the best made to measure wardrobe, and then I stumbled upon

This is how I actually spun my life around and my clothes have started to be in the same place I left them last. (and no not on the floor!)

However, I read a lot of horror stories online about the people who had ended up in trouble after they have gone for a low cost walk in wardrobes. Therefore, I would like to share some tips you should consider before getting a bedroom wardrobe in a house or apartment.

Size of the room

This is the first thing you should always consider. There is no point in getting a walk in wardrobe for yourself where the room space becomes so small that even your bed doesn’t fit in. Get your proportions right with the help of professionals. I got all the help I need from the guys at Bravo London.

Size of the wardrobe

The second most important consideration is the size of the wardrobe itself. You must pay attention to your requirements before deciding upon the size of the walk in wardrobe. The kind of door also helps you in saving space which makes a sliding door ever more important.

Style of the wardrobe

This is where all your creativity comes in. You can look through many designs available here. Beautiful designs and space management are the top two advantages I achieved when I installed a fitted wardrobe in my bedroom.

Reviews are your best friend

This holds benefit for everything you buy online. The reviews of customers are always 99.9% correct and can be followed. However, make sure that you go through more than the top threads only as those can well be paid reviews.

Choosing the colours

This is where the game is won or lost. Use matching colours or colour combinations in accordance with your room and house décor. When you enter into the walk in wardrobe it should look as an extension of your room rather than the feeling that you just crossed the border or entered a wormhole.

Choosing mirrors

Mirrors are also an essential part of the walk in wardrobe. Ensuring the right kind, size and placement of mirrors is of absolute importance as it can give a perception of a large fitted wardrobe even when it is not actually large. All in all I found out that those guys at already had this down to a fine art meaning the process was simple and bespoke. And guess what, my wife has not complained ever since. WIN WIN!

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