Sun’s Out, (Hotdog) Buns Out! Throw an Awesome Barbeque This Summer

Sun’s Out, (Hotdog) Buns Out! Throw an Awesome Barbeque This Summer
With spring well underway and summer right around the corner, we’re officially in the part of the year where it’s time to enjoy the garden again. And what better way to get everyone together than to throw an epic barbeque out in the backyard? Plenty of hotdogs and burgers galore, ice cold drinks and beautiful weather- what’s not to love? But before firing up the grill and texting everyone their invite, there are a few jobs to tackle first.

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Get Your Garden In Order

If you haven’t made a start on your garden yet this year, chances are it’s looking a little worse for wear. Flooding over the winter can leave your lawn looking awful, and with lots of rain and sunshine over the summer no doubt hundreds of weeds will have sprouted up. Take some time getting everything in order. Sew some grass seed over your lawn to thicken it up, clear your flower beds and fill them with some brightly coloured blooms, cut back any shrubs that have grown out of control. You might want to move children’s toys and other clutter out of the way too while you’re entertaining, if you have a log cabin from a brand like Nucrete installed it will give you a place to store things away when needed. You could even use it as a workshop throughout the rest of the year.

Make Sure You Have Enough Seating

Having space for everyone to sit is important, you want your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. Plastic patio furniture or fold down chairs is cheap and does the trick if you need some extra seats. Alternatively, you could lay down some blankets on the lawn for children to sit and enjoy their food picnic style. If you entertain outdoors a lot, you could buy some large outdoor cushions too, they can be stored away when not in use but are a great way to create seating without buying lots of chairs.

Think About Food and Drink

Plenty of meat and bread is essential when you’re throwing a barbeque, but think about any extras too. Grilled mushrooms, peppers and corn on the cob work well as side dishes or for those who don’t eat meat. You could bake some potatoes in the oven and make up some big bowls of salad. For drinks, how about a ‘beer barrow‘? Fill a wheelbarrow with loads of ice and chill bottles of beer that guests can help themselves too. Alternatively, buy some large drinks dispensers and mix up a couple of different cocktails. Add some ice, fruit and herbs and people can easily help themselves. Don’t forget an alcohol free one for the kids- carefully label it so they know which one they can have and put it in a different location to the others to avoid confusion.

Do you host many barbeques during the summer months? What tips do you have for anyone looking to throw a big cookout in their back garden?

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