Rub-A-Dub-Dub: Making Kid’s Bathtime Fun

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Bathtime for your kids is about more than just getting clean. It’s a time for you to bond, chat about their day, and even sneak a bit of bonus education in too. Since you’ve got to be in the same room to ensure their safety, you might as well make the most of your time together, right? Here are a few ideas to make bath time both fun and productive.

Create the right environment

Firstly, you want to make sure the room is comfortable and pleasant for spending time in. Buying yourself a little chair, or at least a cushion for kneeling on, means you won’t begrudge leaning over the bath after only a few minutes. The room needs to be warm, so ensuring there’s a good heat source, such as a bathroom radiator from the experts at Warmehaus, is crucial for making the room comfortable for kids and parents. A towel tucked over the radiator makes a cosy treat once bathtime is over too. 

Make it educational

This is a great time for you to run through the alphabet, their times tables, or anything else relevant to what they’re studying at school. It doesn’t have to take up a significant proportion of their bathtime, but it certainly won’t hurt. You could also hold educational conversations. You could discuss animals and their washing habits, or the names of their children, and each bathtime you could focus on a different animal. Just make sure you ask them beforehand so you can give it a quick Google.

Sing a song

Remember song lyrics is a great memory-building technique for kids, and singing them out loud can really help them to build confidence too. Try nursery rhymes, or even age-appropriate pop-songs from the radio, you could even try them in silly voices for a real giggle.

Get creative

There are a million bath time games that can be played, without even one rubber duck getting involved. Making beards and funny hairstyles out of bubbles is a favourite, but playing “find the soap”, where the soap gets dropped into the water and the kids have to find it without using their hands can make for some real bathtime hilarity. If you want a real treat, kid’s bath bombs or bath colourants will turn the water all sorts of fun colours, and won’t stain your bath (or your children) either.

Hold some deep conversations

Finally, this is a great time to talk about things which might have been worrying your child, or answer some of their inquisitive questions. If they’re having trouble making friends, struggling with certain subjects at school, or have any questions about family life, encourage them to ask at bath time. The setting is relaxing, and as long as there is no rush, you’re able to focus on each other and talk candidly. While they might talk about school at the dinner table, bath time is special just between the two of you, and you’re able to be far more open with each other, without distractions or interjections from other family members.

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