The Dos and Don’ts of Avoiding a Sports Injury

When you lead an active lifestyle, it keeps you busy and for the most part, will keep you feeling healthy. It can make you fitter and stronger and just able to deal with the rigour of everyday life better. But from time to time, you can get an injury or something that can stop you from being as active as you normally would be. Which can be rather annoying when you are in the swing of a busy life and exercise routine. So the best way to not get an injury is simple to look for ways to avoid one. If you follow some of these simple steps, then you are much less likely to get injured. Meaning you can carry on your normal busy routine as normal.



Don’t Overload Weights

If you weight train as part of your workout routine, then one sure fire way to get an injury is to overload the weights. When you are lifting something that is too heavy for you, you could cause some damage to your muscles, as well as the tendons in your body. As well as musculoskeletal damage, you could simply drop a weight on your foot, for example, as you just can’t control lifting it. Something like that could put you out for a while. Weight does apply to everyday items that you carry too. If you find that you carry shopping bags out of the car that are too heavy, then twisting in a certain way when holding them could cause an injury. Just be careful in all aspects of life about how heavy things are and work up to be able to lift it, rather than just attempting it straight away.

Do Stretch Before and After Exercise

Stretching is a little bit different to warming up or cooling down, before or after exercise. But when you stretch correctly, it can make a difference to how much you would get injured, as stretching is all about relaxing your muscles and making them longer than before. This helps the muscles to become warm and get plenty of blood flowing to them. Which are some of the best ways to avoid an exercise related injury. If you did find that you get an injury because you didn’t stretch correctly, then you might consider something like orthopaedic surgery to get you back on your feet, so to speak. Then you won’t have to be out of your normal routine for too long.

Do Give Yourself Rest Time

If you exercise too much, then it can also lead to an injury. When you already lead a busy life, there is no need to be working out multiple times a day. Our bodies need time to recover and repair. It can also be detrimental to your goals if you are not allowing your body that time. Muscles can’t repair and grow to get bigger if they aren’t given any time to do so. So make sure that rest days are included in your schedule. You’ll benefit from them in many ways.

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