Plans Fallen Through? Try These Last-minute Kids Activities

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Things don’t always go to plan, even if you make an effort to be as prepared as possible. Your plans can fall through or something can stop you from going ahead with them. If it was just you affected, you might not be too bothered. But when there are kids involved, you don’t want to let them down. Plus, you don’t want to have bored children on your hands. If a plan doesn’t work out at the last minute, you can still come up with something to do to keep everyone happy. Whether you stay in or go out, you can quickly create some fun times.

Put a Movie On

If your plans have been scuppered by unfavorable weather, staying in is often your only choice. But even if everyone is cooped up inside, you can still ensure that they’re happy. Putting on a movie is one of the easiest ways to entertain everyone, especially if you can quickly knock up some snacks to go with it. Using Showbox or a similar app, you can search through many movies. When you’ve got access to movies online, you won’t have to choose from the ones you own. Although, kids do often want to watch their favorite for the millionth time! image

Set Up a Craft Activity

If you have some art supplies in your house, you can easily set up something crafty to do. Whether you have crayons and paints or glue and scissors, you can quickly come up with an activity for the kids to do. Even if you don’t have any convenient supplies to hand, why not dig through your recycling box? You can use cardboard tubes, empty milk cartons, and all kinds of materials to build things. You could also try doing some baking. Lots of kids love getting involved with breaking eggs, mixing batter and decorating too.

Have a Backyard Adventure

If you would rather get outside, you don’t have to go far. You can have fun in your own backyard, which means you don’t have to get everyone ready to go out. If you have a tent, you could set it up, or you could make one using whatever you have available. You can go looking for bugs or set up a scavenger hunt for everyone to do. You can also create an imaginary adventure, like a bear hunt or a dragon-slaying adventure.

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Last-minute Outings

Sometimes, you need to get away from home to keep your sanity. Even if you have to find something to do at the last minute, you should be able to find somewhere fun to go. Some places might require you to book in advance, but there are plenty of other places to visit. If you have a park nearby, there definitely won’t be any problems with getting in. You could go and see a movie, have lunch somewhere fun, visit a museum, or look for a soft play center.

If your plans fall through at the last minute, don’t worry. You can avoid being stuck with bored kids by thinking on your feet.

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