Just Help Yourself: Methods To Get Through An Emotionally Difficult Time

Let’s face it, guys, we don’t always talk much do we? We talk plenty about the football scores and movies, but do we talk about the real issues? There are a few of us that do but based on my experiences that are only when we really need to get something off our chest. The rate of depression is at its highest in men in middle age. After having a family and a career, why is this the age range that affects men the most? Maybe it’s the loss of parents around this time, or it could be more a feeling of their usefulness is behind them. Whatever the reason, there is no need to suffer in silence. And it is difficult to start to talk about these kinds of issues to your friends. But there are ways that you can be proactive about these types of things. You can even start with yourself. I’ll lay out a few methods that are popular now. If any of these help you, then you can start to take the right steps.




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The great thing about counseling is that if you have never opened up, for example, about in incident in your life, then it is a comfortable environment for you to finally get your thoughts out there. A lot of people see counseling as sessions on a chaise longue with a stuffy Frasier Crane character doing noughts and crosses on their notepad. This cannot be further from the truth. A lot of counselors are people who are there to listen and to guide you gently. They are not all suits and money-makers, they are people who have been through a traumatic experience and want to help. And it isn’t just talking, there will be things suggested or handed to you for you to try at home, whether that is meditation tapes, or encouraging you to write a journal.


The process is a soft approach. Based on what may be the root cause of your issues, solutions may be suggested, whether that is legal action, a new health regime, or actually talking to a certain person. The point is to get closure, so if legal action is required for an issue like medical malpractice, you could consult http://www.tonyseaton.com for advice. And based on where you live, you may not have to pay through the nose for a session either. The final thing about counseling is that you decide when it is time to finish your sessions.



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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is something to help realign your perspective, if you have a negative view of yourself, it can help to change that. You can do this with a therapist, or you can find ways of doing it yourself. Websites like Neurogym are a great way to do it yourself. It is a very good way to change your thought patterns if you trying to recover from an emotional incident.

And whether you may need to combine therapies, such as medication and counselling, or CBT and meditation/mindfulness, the point is that you are tackling the issue, and not letting it fester. And this is an issue a lot of men have, so let’s buck the trend, eh?

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