Safety Features To Add To Your Home Today


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Is your home as safe as it could be? When we pour so much time and effort making our homes beautiful to look at, it’s important not to overlook the safety side of things too. Here are a few safety features you should add to your property.

A Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are an important safety feature in public buildings, but not something many of us implement in our own homes. But when a fire can be so devastating, why wouldn’t you? While your smoke alarms will alert you to a fire, it could take a number of minutes until the fire service arrives and in that time it could have caused a massive amount of devastation in your home. It is important to be aware of the different kinds of fire extinguishers and know what each can be used on. For example, water extinguishers are useful for flames on soft furnishings but dangerous on electrical fires or burning cooking fat. Foam is useful for wood and flammable liquids but not for electrical or kitchen fires. Dry powder can be used on a range of different fires except cooking fat. Work out what each kind of extinguisher does and put one in various rooms in the home. For example, one in the garage, one in the living area or bedroom (particularly if you are a smoker) and something like a fire blanket for the kitchen.

A Burglar Alarm

To keep your family and possessions safe from home invasions and burglars, a home alarm is a worthwhile investment. It’s not just enough to have decent windows, doors and locks. A particularly determined thief with a crowbar might still find a way in. If that were to happen, an incredibly noisy house alarm is the best way to send them running. Burglars like to operate in quiet homes where there’s less risk of them being caught. An alarm which alerts people to their presence will send them on their way sharpish. Have a chat with your neighbors, and let them know that if your alarm goes off and you’re not around to call the police immediately. There are a number of different alarm systems on the market, so you won’t be short on options.

A Well Stocked First Aid Kit

More people sustain injuries at home than they do anywhere else. This includes at work, in public, and out on the roads. Taking precautions when cutting food, cooking, decorating and DIYing will help to reduce the risk, but it’s important to have a well-stocked first aid kit at home just in case. This isn’t only useful for minor ailments like heartburn and headaches but could be helpful for serious injuries too. Gauze and bandages, for example, could help to keep severe bleeding and wounds clean while you get to a hospital.

Do you have these three safety features in your home? If not, do you have a plan for would do if the worst were to happen?

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