Learning to Fade Away to Sleep

I find it hard to switch off and go to sleep, I have quite a stressful job with a lot of responsibility and it’s hard to relax and unwind at a reasonable hour. I watch the clock ticking on worrying I will not get enough sleep. Clock watching is no fun its best to focus on something else entirely, you will only panic but how little of the night is left.

I have tried various things like limiting caffeine and sugary foods before bedtime, but I can still be struggling to get to sleep long after midnight – it’s getting to the point I have to try something else. It’s getting so desperate I would gladly count sheep or attempt any other strategy that might work!

Sleep is so vital for my well-being and helping me function appropriately the next day. I don’t want my lack of sleep to make me grumpy with my staff, my children and of course the wife (its best to stay on her good side!). I also want to give my best at work and if I am falling asleep at my desk during the day I cannot perform as well as I would like…

I did some research on sounds for sleeping as I know the wife raves on about how successful sound was at getting our own children off to sleep as babies – if its good enough for them then surely it can help me too.

I guess its no surprise baby sleep sounds work so well; apparently the womb is a very noisy place. Repetitive sounds are what they are used too already so can prove to be very calming reminding them of the comfort of the womb. The world can be a bit daunting so sounds can give them a much-needed sense of security. 

I am happy to give it a try, I sampled the sounds of nature – the rushing river is very relaxing although it did make me need a wee! The consistent peaceful sounds though are very effective, I did feel the knot of stress and tension start to unravel. I actually work in a doctors surgery and many patients have problems with sleeping, I think I will be briefing the doctors about the benefits of this website!

It’s great you can have a little sample before committing to a purchase, it surprised me how much I liked the “Train on the Tracks”, I think the repetitive rhythm washes over you lulling you to sleep. The storm sounds were good too because they bring back the memory of being a child tucked up warm whilst the weather was dreadful outside. Sounds really do seem to help and the ocean is making me reminiscent of trips to the seaside, of a simpler life when I did not have all this worry and responsibility.

I love how they you can even email them to suggest a sound they don’t already have. Now to get my mind working on what sound I would like best.

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