Heating Issues #keepingwarm

Here we are with another winter to survive in our partially finished house, being an old house there is a fair old breeze even know we have replaced all the window and attempted to batten down the hatches!

My recent thoughts about the efficiency with out current oil boiler and regular radiators, got me thinking of all the different options available to me. 

Updating current radiators

I must admit that the radiators installed when we moved in were all single panel models, with limited BTU output. The first thing I thought about doing (and did to a certain extent) was replace these with more modern double panel versions. It is important however to ensure you calculate the required BTU for the size of the room you need to heat. You will need to measure the room both in width, depth and height, with this information you can use an online calculator to aid your decisions.

Underfloor Heating

You can purchase underfloor heating kits and convert your current system. I have read the main benefits from under floor heating are even distribution of heat around the rooms and better boiler efficiency due to running the system at a lower heat. 

Multi-fuel Burner

For me this is a must, not only do you feel the heat instantly, you can attempt to keep the fire alive throughout the day and night. Its not just about the instant heat for me but the actually look of the flames which can in itself make you feel warm. The only downside is the ongoing maintenance, your need to keep it clean to be able to watch the lovely flames!

Open Fire

Going back to my child hood, I used to help keep our open fire shipshape and ready to be lit. I was relatively quick to keep and stock ready for the evening (usually done it around 10 minutes!) the only reason I would not have one now is down to the boys.

For now I will just have to keep layering up my clothing and thinking warm thoughts!

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