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Since moving we have no end of extra room both inside and outside of the house, however to ensure the boys make the most of the outside space they have both been collecting out door toys and even have a large go-kart.

Over the summer it has been great for them to be able to make use of this great outdoor space, however for us it has had a down side, they want quick and easy access to their toys and vehicles, which means leaving them in the hallway within reach.

So there is only one thing for it, we need a shed! Now I have some experience with sheds in the past having to make several wooden ones for my Dad in my time and more recently putting up a plastic one for the father-in-law.

For me the wooden one although fairly weighty it was very much let down by it felt room, after most turbulent winters I would be sent up to fix any areas lifting, often meaning some of the contents of the shed was getting overly wet and rusting. The plastic sheds on the other hand seems to maintain dryness but as the wind starts to pick up, so does the shed, often having to fetch them back from the other side of the garden, along with the trampoline!

After some research, I have found a solution to my problem with Lidget Compton, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality concrete sheds and garages. Ideally suited for any purpose as they can be customized in any way you see fit, from doors to windows and roof, to optional extras including remote control to open the garage doors – a must have for the boys easy access!

In all honesty looking at the quality I am very temped to snag this as my very own Man Cave! I am sure I can get plumbing (I mean kegs!) and electrics hooked up fairly easily!

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