Why Bouncing Around Is The Next Big Thing

As the Olympics Rio 2016 gets into full swing, we have trampolining on our minds! Trampoline gymnastics is a serious sport, requiring skill, flexibility and high flying aerial acrobatics. While we may not be able to reach a competitive level, it sure is fun to bring some bounce into your life.

Did you know that trampolines were created in 1934 to train astronauts? Here are some other fun trampoline facts and more information about the sportsmen and women bouncing into the Olympics.

What is the beauty of the trampoline? It’s for the enjoyment of kids and adults alike. If you’re not keen on jogging or running, trampolining is a brilliant way to burn those calories. It’s also great for reducing cellulite. Bouncing up and down with the aid of springs takes a huge percentage of stress off of your weight-bearing joints. Just ten minutes of bouncing is equal to running for 30 minutes. It’s a fantastic low impact form of exercise. It produces significant health benefits while also bringing out your ‘inner-child.’ It’s also an exhilarating way to let go and have fun! Health benefits include

1.) gaining more balance.

2.) improving circulation of the lymph

3.) strengthening your heart and increasing your energy

4.) toning up those muscles


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Search for a Trampoline Park near you, and get a group of friends together for an invigorating day out with a difference. We all get bored in our everyday lives, and this is a great way to release some tension and have fun with friends at the same time. Trampoline days out also work well for hen and birthday parties with a difference! You could also get a group together once a week for an exercise class with a difference. Think flushing cheeks, soaring highs and the occasional somersault if you dare!

If your kids are requesting an awesome birthday party, we think a trampoline party is one for the bucket list. Make a whole theme of it and include a trampoline inspired birthday cake and aerobic wear fancy dress. Choosing an indoor trampoline park for a kids party is a stress-free solution. No mess at your house, no clearing up, and lots of bouncy, happy children. Result! Most parks will include packages including open jumping, dodgeball partying and VIP jumping. They will also include food, party hats, socks, e-invites and staff help. Hallelujah to the stress-free party!

If you have teenagers, why not introduce them to trampolining as a great hobby and a way to make new friends? I recently wrote a post about how the UK is a breeding generation of tech addicted teens. Slotting in a hobby sans iPhone or laptop is a brilliant way to amp up their exercise. And bonus, you can keep them away from the computer screen for a while.

Trampolining is also beneficial for the toddlers in your life. It’s a time of exploration for little ones, and bouncing around adds a whole new dimension of fun to their activities. If you have a toddler that can’t sit still, why not consider opening up their eyes to the world of jumping instead? It’s also a brilliant way to develop their co-ordination and burn off some energy for a super sleep later on. Who knows, you may even have an Olympic athlete on your hands…

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