Branding your team! #brandingyourteam

I haven’t kept my love for gaming a secret, over the years I have developed and ran many online teams, inspiring them to do their best. E-sport is something that is very popular and something relatively easy to involved with as long as you have the time to train! (so for me that was before I had kids!)

However having the right branding was essential to ensure we stood out from the crowd. (that and our personalised t-shirts from Fire Label) Branding correctly ensured we were proud to be part of the team it also gave us a burning ambition to train more and become top of the leagues.

Now these skills that I learned during the early days gave me some basic transferable qualities to help me in employment. I have since had the ability to lead teams myself, with some of the roles I have had in the past I was given direct opportunities to create a brand, including the logos from scratch.

So what are my top tips to branding you team?


Where better to start than a nifty name, something that really sums up your group perfectly! For me it all depends on the gravitas required when selecting the ideal name, incorporating the character and tone is essential.


Once you have your name its great grounding to identify an amazing logo, stick with something bold, simple and something the embodies your brand. In the past I have seen logo’s presented to businesses that simply miss the mark, they do not match what the brand is trying to achieve at all (or simply give a hint of what the product or service of the company is!)


Whether your team is a sales team, admin team or sports team, one thing is for sure you will need to ensure you pick a colour that will suit them all, there is nothing worse than agreeing (and purchasing) new uniforms to then have the team demotivated from the choice or cut of the clothes! (or simply refusing to wear them!)

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