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Children these days seem to really have a rough time of it on the tests front there seems to be so much more pressure, I do feel for them! I remember back when the only tests at school were SATS in year 9, mock and real GCSE’s in year 11 and even then it was a struggle.

Now my boys seem to have tests every year and they are only 7 and 8, which do not get me wrong I don’t think is a problem, as it gets them in the mindset that tests are a normal part of learning, but I do think they are a little on the young side for formal exam conditions. 

I always remember back and the feeling of dread and fear which is was exam preparations time, I am not sure quite how I would have managed if I had as many exams as children now seem to have. There also seems more at stake these days, if you want to get a place for your child at one of the stronger schools they might have to sit an entrance exam.

To prepare effectively for these tests I would suggest having a look at the following points to guide you in the right direction:

  • Rest – Always ensure you keep to a strict bedtime routine and space out revision work to ensure your child doesn’t end up burnt out.
  • Practice – Plan mock timed tests along with standard revision delivered around approaching examination subjects.
  • Extra help – Don’t be afraid to draft in experts in the field such as Fleet Tutors, bringing in a professional could make all the difference.
  • Downtime – Making sure time off is totally independent from learning will help ease the pressures associated with the additional learning and preparation needed around exam time.

As much as you probably do not want to think about it you must always remain realistic with your aspirations when it comes to the expectations of your child’s education, making sure the targets you set are achievable while maintaining a life balance.

After all we all have our kids best interest at heart and aspire to get the best out of life for them, including entrance into a better school.

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