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I didn’t pass my driving test until I was 25, which is considered quite old for some.  But once I passed I didn’t look back!  I really loved my first car. It was a rather fetching Nissan Micra, not really ideal for our family as the boot, not to mention the car was tiny! But it got us reliably from A to B over the few years we owned it.  It only let us down once when we needed to get a new car battery. I was really sad to see it go when I bought our new car, a Skoda Octavia.

We picked the Octavia for it’s really good safety ratings.  We purchased additional option extra factory fitted airbags in order to get one of the safest family vehicles around! We have done over 46,000 miles in it now but, it’s still going strong and has yet to let us down! Whatever the weather my Skoda is ready and waiting for an adventure! With an absolutely massive boot (seriously it could have fit the whole Micra in it!) we have no space troubles when adventuring around.


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As your family grows so does your vehicle, it really becomes a big part of your family! So how does your car stack up with everyone else’s on Instagram? Tyrecity have created this great infographic with tips on how to take photos of your car like a pro! Along with the guide it also breaks down the top 10 instagrammed cars.  I feel a little disappointed our family favourite the Skoda Octavia is not there! I have to get some pictures of my beloved car on instagram asap to try and rectify this!


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I think in all honesty, it may be time for me to exchange awesome Skoda, for a more instagram worthy vehicle! I could really see myself at home in a Jeep Wrangler.  Although I am not sure it would be the ideal family car, especially with the amount of luggage we have when going away.  Plus its a bit out of my budget too!  It’s about 20k more than the Skoda Octavia.

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