Ravensburger’s Jurassic Park: Danger! Board Game Review

Jurassic Park: Danger board game box

We recently introduced the boys into Jurassic Park. A classic film from back in 1993, that I fondly remember! Being an avid fan of both Jurassic Park and board games I was keen to take a look at Jurassic Park: Danger.


Jurassic Park: Danger is a semi co-operative game for between 2 – 5 players. One player controls the Dinosaurs (T. rex, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor) and the other team play the iconic characters from the movie. The game is set on the original 1993 island Isla Nublar, to really give you some of that nostalgic feel!

Jurassic Park: Danger board game set up

In the box

  • Main island board
  • 19 island tiles
  • 10 character boards
  • 1 dinosaur board
  • 100 character action cards (10 per character)
  • 10 dinosaur actions cards
  • 5 perimeter frames
  • 10 character pieces
  • 3 dinosaur pieces
  • 13 fences
  • 19 tokens
  • 1 dice


Setup is relatively quick. Randomly pick the island pieces and characters (or choose you own if you have favourite!) place the characters on the starting island zone in the centre. Add the dinosaurs on their spaces. Ensure you have each players decks along with their boards and away you go!


There are two perspectives of objectives here! The basic rules are the same for all players, at the start of each go all players including the dinosaurs places one card from their deck face down, this is then your action for the round. Dinosaur moves first, so if you are one of the iconic characters you need to be planing a move ahead!


Your aim is to kill three characters, simple really! Your hand consists of three out of your ten cards from your deck. When you occupy a space with another player you attack and burn one of their actions cards! This means it will be harder for them to get around (or away!) The dinosaur player also has the option to play a special move at the end of their go, as listed on their player board.


The main aim for the character team is to activate three points on the map (Control Center, Visitor Center and Maintenance Shed). When each is activated they give a special activation. With Control Center blocking dinosaurs from all three points and the helicopter. Visitor Center allows the activating player to recover two cards from their discard pile. Finally the Maintenance Shed turns on the electric fences! Dying – a player dies when they have no cards left to play, are unable to play a card or a dinosaur attacks and you have no cards left to play! There are ways to increase your deck back up by burning the remainder of your deck, but it will take careful planning!

Along with the main aims each player has a personal objective too. These are listed on the player board of the character. It adds another level you have to achieve before you can take your player safely off to the helicopter!


The game is really great fun as the dinosaurs. It is very challenging for the character players. The survival style of game play is great and it really keeps you motivated to win!


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