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Whilst family life is a thoroughly rewarding experience, it can also take its toll on you, as having to manage a challenging job and coming home to two noisy boys can lead a man to wanting to head out on the highway and just take a breath.

In this vein, the idea of jumping on a motorbike and heading off into the sunset for a day or two, either on your own, or with your wife – for an adults only adventure is appealing to many dads.  

Of course, there’s always the risk of an accident on a motorbike unless you’re really careful on the road, but even then, sometimes you can’t respond to the negligence of other drivers in time and are fundamentally more vulnerable on two wheels than four, meaning you could be involved in a serious accident that’s not your fault, which is where the rise of motorbike accident claims come into play.  

That said, little beats the sense of adventure and adrenaline to be had from a motorbike road trip and presuming you take the necessary safety precautions, such as having the correct tyres, it can be a pretty safe experience.

Then, when it comes to destinations there are few better places on Earth to experience a road trip adventure than America!  In this vein, whether you’re dreaming of a two wheel or a four wheel adventure here are five great road trip adventures to consider if you’ve always wanted to have a road trip adventure in America.


Perhaps the most famous “road trip” in the world, Route 66 is due to celebrate its 100th birthday, as one of the first main highways in the US.  If you were to go the whole distance you would find yourself travelling nearly 2,500 miles from Chicago to Santa Monica – amongst varied scenery, through small towns, and vast areas of desert land.


This is the perfect road trip for summer as the route hugs the impressive Pacific coast.  Starting out just North of San Diego where it will lead you through Los Angeles, Long Beach, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Big Sur before eventually ending up in San Francisco.  The route is just under 750 miles, meaning it is manageable in just seven days.


If you’re wanting a more chilled out vibe than the somewhat pretentious areas of California described above, or are short on time, then head down to Miami where you can pick up the  US 1, which offers a 150 mile stretch of road that connects a variety of small islands – going over the iconic seven mile bridge.


If you are looking for a serious adventure then travelling coast to coast via Route 20 (the longest road in America) that extends 3,635 miles from Newport on the West Coast to Boston on the East Coast.


If you’re looking for something more iconic, then heading to the Grand Canyon via Route 17, Route 191 and Route 66 will put you directly in the set of an old cowboy movie.  You can even take a Jeep Safari along the bottom of the Grand Canyon if you wish!

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