Curbing my eating habits

Eating Habits

I am the kind of guy that barely eats breakfast. Then eats lunch a little early, has a massive portion for dinner. And then make loads of excuses to eat more in the night! My reasoning behind this is lack of time in the morning before leaving for work.

It is clear I need to curb my eating habits. Eating so late at night cannot be good for my health, let alone my poor sleep pattern! So I am going to make some healthier choices!


I need to make time to have a proper breakfast, instead of my dashing out with a Frube in hand! My plan here is to either make an on the go smoothie or have some freshly squeezed juice! MyJuicer is on hand for what ever you need in this department! First on my list of smoothies is Banana and Ginger with only 157 calories! It’s sure to add a little pep into my morning routine!


I eat lunch at around 11.30 am! And it is usually a quick meal deal from our local co-operative. The sandwiches are always high in fats and salt, the snack obviously I opt for a brownie and for the drink I grab a fizzy pop! Taking little steps here I could easily replace the sandwich with a home made one, the snack should be fruit (I love pineapple!) and the drink take it back to basics being water! Not only would I be saving some money but I should feel a boost in my system (and hopefully lose a little weight!)


I am really not keen to cut back here however, perhaps I could shave back the portion size a little. Instead of a pile of chips I could have a few! Or perhaps replace the chips with rice or pasta. One thing we have been trying lately is having plain pasta instead of chips with things list chicken. The boys have barely noticed this small change sneak in!

Wait what about a snack

Not to forget I will need snacks. But how to replace a bar of chocolate or a Belgian bun? Perhaps I could find a nice fruit and nut mix (but watch out for the saturates!) Or a simple apple or grapes could fill the void perfectly!


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