Around the world in eighty beers


Having recently got back from a family holiday to Florida. We are no strangers to travelling around the world. On this occasion we had the in-laws in tow, which had its own merits. In particularly my father-in-law’s love for local beer. This was a good excuse to have a beer in pretty much any place we rocked up to!

With my father-in-law being in his 70’s, he really doesn’t like travelling far and wide anymore. However, the guys over at Holiday Hypermarket have got things covered with their World Beer Map. I am sure to be able to tempt him to more family destinations now!

With over eighty beers on the map – you really could travel around the world in eighty beers! Why not check the map out yourself?

World Beer Map

I already have the next trip planned out already:

Red Stripe

Longing for a holiday to a hot sandy beach (while knowing this is on the Mrs list!). Jamaica is the perfect destination for unwinding on the beach! The local beer of choice here is Red Stripe. Put it on ice to keep you refreshed in the hot sun. With an A.B.V of 4.7% it should also leave you fairly clear headed in the morning! On the agenda while in Jamaica we have:

  • Dunn’s River Falls and Park

One of Jamaica’s national treasures, it continuously regenerates itself from travertine rock deposits. Not only is Dunn river falls a beautiful place to be, but there is plenty of water to cool off in. You can have a guided walk up the falls by forming a human chain too!

  • Seven Mile Beach

There is a big debate online as to the actual length of the beach. So I would be keen to walk it and work out my own measurements! I like the history of pirates and I know the family will too. The plan would be to do some snorkelling and hopefully find some old treasure or a rusty cannon or two!

Although that does limit us to one new beer a year. Perhaps it would be better for me to buy the father-in-law an around the world beer crate instead! That way he can discover a new country and keep up with the days sporting events without leaving the comfort of home.

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