Customise your vaping experience

You do not often hear me talking about vaping, especially since I quit smoking so long ago. But for some the very idea of giving up smoking puts up their guard. To cope I know a few of my friends have turned their attention to a vaping device.

I know there must be some people out their that feel slightly daunted when it come to switching. I know with smoking you do not get a how to guide. It is pretty much a monkey see monkey do kind of deal, well it certainly was for me!

Picking a Vaping Kit for beginners

So this is where you begin, if you have chosen to try the vaping option you need to ensure you select something simple to begin with. Opting for something that is quick and easy to pick up and use. Often these come in a disposable format rather than having some longevity! Disposable Cig-A-Likes or a Closed Pod Systems could be considered here. Using a small battery and a small pod of liquid, operating on an auto-draw system, turning the battery on when you inhale. This option usually has the same feel as a traditional cigarette which can aid some people on their journey to give up smoking and vaping for good.

Refillable vape kits would be another option, these are generally bigger and heavier than the other option. But with that they would be expected to last for a long period of time, this typically being four to six times. Once you have mastered them then the world is your oyster and you could try mods.

What are mechanical vape mods?

Like with anything new, people like to customise what they have, like me back in the day I created my own custom desktop build. With vaping devices mods became front and center. I know a few people that have branched out for a mechanical vape. The basis behind a mechanical vape is to increase the flavour, amount of vape and do away with the circuitry of a standard kit. They come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. Being so interchangeable means they can suit not only your look but your mood too!

If you are looking to give up smoking for good, why don’t you try getting local support. Head over to Smokefee for some free advice now.

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