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Work Wear

I have been saying to myself (and my staff) that I need a fresh look at work. Or at least a tidier look! I find it hard to pick out a sensible wardrobe and in all honesty a little bit shy to go back to my really smart work wear. I think the reason for my reluctance was the fact I worked at Harley Davidson for several years and was allowed to wear jeans and t-shirts in the office!

So there is the dilemma, I have a brand new suit in the cupboard waiting for its debut but I lack some stylish shoes and shirts to go with it. I have also been thinking about returning to ties!

It would be so much easier if I had a manual job where the working site dictates the clothes and footwear you need to have.

In fact talking of foot wear the selection over at MyBestWorkboots is worth a browse if you are in this sector or a keen DIYer like me. I am looking to pick up a new pair of steel toe caps boots for my next DIY project; I find it so easy to shop for myself in this area!

It is a great shame I cannot get away with wearing them in the office! However, as I cannot, I think it is time I face up to things and pitch up in some new attire. Sure I will get the standard banter but as it dampens down I am sure to more presentable in the various meetings I have to attend.

I could however do things on the down low and implement change slowly, starting from the feet up. That way I might just get away without attracting to much attention and before you know it I will be as smart as ever without any of the banter backlash!

Whichever way I decide to undertake this transformation; one thing is for sure I will need to get the spending approval completed first!

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