Need to rebrand your image? Logojoy review #logo

Having recently migrated over to wordpress from blogger, there has been a real chance to refresh the site and rebrand the site image. And where better to start than with the brands logo. Whether you are a small blog, start up business or a massive corporation, your logo is often the first impression. So it is important to get it right.

But it can be very difficult designing one yourself, especially if like me you lack the creative gene. To ensure I got a sleek design quickly I was lucky enough to be given the chance to review Logojoy.

The Review

I am pleased to say the process is extremely swift and easy to follow. To start off with you simply need to input your desired name, for me I went for Then you are presented with numerous logos and the option to pick five or more of your favourite ones.Logo selection

When you continue you are able to select the colours you wish to use in your logo.Colour palette selection

You can select multiple colours, however I feel there are a few colour options missing here such as brown. Currently my website is themed in a coffee colour (however the colour selection can be tweaked on the final cut). Once you have completed your selection you have the option to add a slogan. With the recommendation of using only two words, but you can opt for more if you wish. The great aspect of Logojoy is the fact you can go back and change things effortlessly if you want to play around with different colours or designs. The final section before you have potential logos generated is the symbol selection. All you have to do if put a few keywords in and double click any desired symbols, once done you are a few seconds away from the final designs.

Symbol selection

The Logos

The final generated selection is a masterpiece in itself, offering you so much choice. The only issue I have here is actually deciding which logo to choice from.

Once you have made your selection you still have the option to tweak the design to your suiting. You even get to see you logo in real life situations, such as on a office door, t-shirt and mobile phone.Logo on a mobile

The Verdict

The whole process took less than ten minutes and gave you a real sense of choice. Post edit you have three purchasing tariffs to choose from:

  1. Basic @ $20 – One low res logo
  2. Premium @ $65 – High res logo, full copyright ownership and much more
  3. Enterprise @ $165 – All as above plus social media kit, 1 hour design time with professional designer.

With all this in mind I have to recommend using this service, it has great options for a good price point. And it very easy to use so in reach for people with different computer skill levels.

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