No place like home #Holiday

As I have mentioned before I am somewhat of a reluctant traveller, opting to stay at home rather than taking a flight abroad. So that got me to thinking, am I making the most of the UK?

Luckily SACO, The Serviced Apartment Company have devised an awesome infographic which has captured the nations thinking on the subject.

Amazingly 1 in four of us Brits actually want to stay at home for their holiday, which is great news, not only personally giving me some well timed ammunition to put off the next holiday abroad the Mrs is relentless in her quest for holidays but also for our economy! I must admit I did chuckle at the “Must-Do” activities which include being rained on and getting blown about on a beach – both of which I succeeded in doing this year!

I was rather surprised however that having a pub lunch in the Cotswolds rated as number one – I have never been but surely some kind of adventuring or activity should have rated higher! And it was a shame not to see anything from Wales in the top ten as there are so many beautiful spots and things to do. Zip World is becoming such an incredible attraction if you want an adventure!

For me I have done a fair bit in Wales and am looking to push back into England, one of the fondest city breaks the boys had was in Manchester as we went to Chill Factore and the boys could play in the snow.

However now the boys are getting older we need more room than the hotel we usually book has to offer, I have been checking out serviced apartments in Manchester, I was quite surprised at the price point! They have already started to make their own plans, they want to visit a Museum and take a trip to the Trafford Centre again to spend some of their pocket money.

I have to say the main reason I like to stay in the UK is so our four legged friend can join us on the adventures, although she does get a little travel sick!

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