Have you got what it takes to be a ROCKET STAR?

Does your child love to sing? I am sure mine thinks he is a
mini rock star at times, he is always singing whatever he is doing it is
usually accompanied by a tune. He likes
to come up with his own lyrics too, it’s very cute, they are usually about love
and loss but occasionally a bit more random depending on his mood!!! I really enjoy listening to him sing.

As he has found something he really likes to do as a parent
I want to encourage him as much as possible and help him develop his
passion. Unlike his brother he doesn’t
want to do football so its nice singing is something for him. We really like The Rocket Singing Machine
that was sent to review as I think it helps him express himself. You can find out more information and order
The Rocket over on the Character
Online website

Straight away my youngest made a beeline for it, he doesn’t
have a microphone at the moment so this was a real treat for him. If we hadn’t been reviewing The Rocket I think
it would have made his Christmas list once he had seen it advertised. Priced at £29.99 it’s well worth the cost, he
has had so much use out of it already! 
He now keeps it in his bedroom for when he wants to sing his next
song! It has no wires so is nice and
portable, it’s easy to use and has helped make singing even more fun for him. You can play music through the speaker so you
can have backing music to go along with your words or if you prefer sing along
with an existing artist until you build up your confidence.

We live quite rurally and there isn’t much in the way of
extra lessons for those wanting to perform and develop their vocal ability, but
at least having The Rocket gives him a way to continue practising singing but
with a good piece of equipment that really projects his voice. The product is pitched for children 6 to 15,
so at 8 he has plenty of use out of it yet. 

I also have some exciting news to share about a competition
you can enter your budding stars! Do you
think your child could be a ROCKET
well why not enter them in The Rocket competition, it closes on the 24th
of September so do make sure you enter quite promptly!

All you need to do is take a video of your
child performing then either download the form or email your entry therocketstar@evolution-pr.co.uk and who knows they may well be the next Rocket Star with the
fame, glory and additional prizes that brings!

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