The Possibilities Of Upgrading And Improving Your Family Car

As parents, you tend to make-do with what you have and provide the best for your children. It’s easy to forget that the car industry has many other forms of business attached to it, including the financial sector. Nowadays, it’s easier than you might think to upgrade your family car, for something newer, more safe and better for fuel economy. Families rely on large vehicles to transport children to school, as well as allowing them to partake in sports with bikes, helmets, footballs and other equipment to fit in the back. Older cars tend to have less powerful engines as well as many other aspects such as weaker brakes, lack of safety mechanisms like airbags, and worse crumple zones in the event of a crash. If you’re wondering how you can upgrade your SUV, saloon or another kind of family car, there are a few simple rules of thumb to explore. 

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Fitting modern brakes 

Fitting modern brakes to an old car isn’t very difficult, but like many other traits of car design and components, knowledge is power. Many older cars use drum brakes made out of iron. Drum brakes are a design that puts the brake pads on the inside of the wheel, and when pressure is applied to the pedal, the brakes push outward. This design is flawed as the direction of the car is better influenced by forces pushing inwards, directing the nose better by the steering. Modern cars have ABS as standard, and as such, they use disc brakes, which mainly use steel or composite rubber pads to lock and release the tyres at a high-frequency rate. This kind of upgrade is extremely crucial for family cars, as they tend to be heavier and need extra braking power.

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Upgrade the model

Many families build a relationship with a particular brand or model of car, which serves all their needs. If you have the older model of a car you like and although it is functioning fine, you’d much prefer the latest model, you can take out a car loan. Compare prices in your spending bracket by searching through You can check if you may be able to get a better deal by talking directly to a bank, rather than a dealership who may charge you more. Take the time to research the interest rates that would best suit you as if you’re financially well-off, a higher interest rate may be better than the perceived benefits of a lower rate. With a car loan, you can instantly possess the car you want for your family, without the need to make-do with an out-of-date vehicle with a lower safety rating. 

More power and more MPG

The beauty of turbochargers is that they can be fitted to virtually any engine. Turbos work by forcibly inducing more air into the cylinders, so more oxygen is burned, resulting in more power. However, if you take your car to a garage, they may be able to fit your car with a small turbo, which comes alive at low revs. With more oxygen being burned than fuel, you get more power, but a lower miles per gallon. Your fuel economy may improve by up to double digits, saving your family a lot of money over the year. This is a cheap upgrade, that can give your heavy family car, the much-needed extra torque it needs, especially when the car is fully packed. 

There are more ways than one to upgrade your car. From upgrading the model to improving the safety with powerful brakes. Together with a turbocharger, your car’s engine can produce extra power without the need to swap engines or increase the liter. Not only do you achieve fuel efficiency to a higher standard, but you get the grunt you need to accelerate quickly from an idle state.

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