The best way to spend quality time with your elderly relatives

As time goes on, you may find yourself and your elderly relatives reversing roles in which you become the caregiver. We all have elders in our lives, whether they are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, or even family friends. Time spent with these people usually isn’t as long as we’d prefer, with busy schedules or distance getting in the way, so it’s important that the time spent with your elderly relatives or friends is as special as possible.

If you’re unsure on how to spend quality time with your elderly loved ones, here are a few ideas of enjoyable ways to spend time with your elders.

This may seem like an obvious choice, but simply talking to your elders is one of the most valued ways to spend time together. It can take a small amount of time, but a 30minute chat can go a long way. Be sure to pick discussion topics that interest your elderly relative, it’s likely they’ll want to hear about how other family members are getting on and will enjoy talking about their own similar experiences. Remember that they have lived full lives and have a lot to share.

Another way to spend quality time with an elderly relative is by looking through family photo albums. Looking back through old photos and shared memories gives an elderly relative an opportunity to look back through their lives and remember fond family memories and times spent together. It’s also a way to learn from your elders, they will have many great stories to share from a time you may not remember and it’s certain they will love sharing their wisdom with you.

If your elderly relative prefers to spend some quiet time together, why not participate in a quiet activity? If your elderly relative has dementia and it’s more difficult to communicate, there are a lot of activities your elders can take part in, such as scrabble or watching a film together. Active Minds dementia activities are ideal for people with dementia, they have a whole range of products suitable for all abilities.

It’s important to remember that by spending quality time with your elders is just as beneficial for you, as it is for them.

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