Staying dad fashionable #trendy

Now I have sorted looking good outdoors, I thought it only appropriate to recheck my current wardrobe and give it a must have over haul! Especially now we are expanding our space in the house, we will have some much needed wardrobe space.

First on the agenda is my work wear, I currently rock with either trousers or jeans and a shirt, which sometimes leaves me feeling rather lacking when attending a big meeting.

Adding a new suit jacket, trousers and perhaps waist coat could prove to be beneficial not only in look and comfort but in your own mindset! Along with those, I have also been toying with a new pair of shoes, as my current loafers are starting to age, although they are so comfortable I really want to keep them until the can be worn no more! We are lucky however as their is a Ted Baker sale meaning I can get the best of both worlds, smart and tidy for meeting days and for the other back to my current dress code!

Now onto my day to day wardrobe, having kids really has taken it toll on the clothes I have available due to most of our money being spent on them, with what seems to be the never-ending need to buy them new shoes! So for me jeans, a t’shirt and trainers is about all I know nowadays. This needs to change however! There are so many trends about and I do not even know what is “on trend” if I am honest.

I would not see me move away from denim jeans, but I would love to be able to match shoes with a jumper, making sure the colours knit nicely together. I have seen olive and brown combining to infuse a stylish mix (in my opinion!)

If you have any tips for me please let me know!

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