Improving our living space #sofas

As you should all only be to well aware that we are still in the thick of it with renovating our house! Recently finishing of another room, with me finishing the room by painting it and fitting new wood flooring.

With all that hard work being quite costly, we have slowly started to neglect the rooms we have completed, so much so that the fairly new sofa we moved in with is a solid home for our dog! It is quite clear we need to change things up a little, in order to ensure all the hard work and effort put in at the beginning is still shining through some years on!

So my plan is to have a reshuffle in the living room, with the intention of replacing the current worn out sofa. Hunting around online LionsHome seem to have a fantastic range of home and living furnishings, so I headed quickly over to check out their sofa range.

High up on the agenda for me is to ensure I ditch the current scatter cushion back, it has absolutely driven me MAD! If it is not the boys running a muck with the cushions, then you can bet your bottom dollar it is the dog that is burrowing around behind them hiding her bones ready for you to lean back on!

Secondly it has to be just one base colour so that you can quickly update it by throwing an individual cushion on it, we thought that the monotone effect would give the sofa some years more life, however it has proven quite a task to keep it up to date and on trend! I feel it is very important when looking to purchase a sofa online that you really get a feel for it and picture where you want it to go. Having a practical eye also helps, remember you will have to clean under it so the ability to move it with easy is essential! (otherwise expect that to become your job!)

Finally for me although I do prefer to purchase furniture online, I often sneak to a shop to have a real life experience of the type of sofa I am going for, this not only helps with things like comfort and style but gives you an idea of the practical side of the sofa. Lets say I learned the hard way with the scatter cushion back, something the Mrs parents like to remind us about on a fairly regular occasion!

After conducting my research I feel the best style of sofa for me is one that has legs so you can easily get under it to clean, and proper solid cushions so the animals (yes I include the boys) cannot get behind them easily, although it is clear the dog will be banned from getting up on the new couch! The Pimlico LionsHome have on offer would more than meet the criteria!

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