How to transform your tarmac into a play area #garden

I recently posted about getting our garden dog friendly and it got me to thinking about how to ensure the garden is child friendly too. As I have previously mentioned we have a large tarmac area surrounding the house, it is something we would love to transform into a luscious lawn. However the kids loved to ride their vehicles all over the place so they are not sold on the idea!

To start the negotiations with the two little monsters they have agreed that if we could provide them with a playing area they would be happy for the other half of the garden to be transformed into an area just for us adults!

So that got me to thinking, how do I go about changing a solid tarmac surface into a safe playing area?

Soft Surface

For starters we would need to install some soft surfaces, knowing the boys as I do they would insist on some kind of sports theme so I would need to try my hand at designing sports courts perhaps fitting a football pitch could be in order! Along with the new design and a few goal posts surely that would be enough to entice them into changing the garden.

Climbing Frame

If all else fails we could opt for a decent sized climbing frame ensuring some cushioning underneath to soften any falls they may have, the main drawback with this idea is how long they would place with the new frame, as they grow older I am certain they would stop playing with it – unlike the idea above!

Outside game tables

This could be a firm favorite without having to make too many changes to the fabric of the garden, we could install a outdoor pool or table tennis table, simply build a canopy over to ensure they can play no matter the weather (after all we are in Wales right!)

I think one this to remember is that you want to make changes that will stand the test of time, with your little ones growing up so quickly it can be difficult to ensure you make the right choice.

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