How to find a handyman easily #handyman

Although I love to get my hands dirty with lots of different DIY jobs, such as fitting wood flooring or painting and decorating, sometimes there are tasks that either I do not have time to carry out myself or lack adequate skills in order to ensure a quality finish.

So what can you do in these instances, it can be a real struggle finding someone local to come out to do these small and simple jobs, luckily there are services out there like Bidvine that you can access online in order to find a reliable handyman.

The process of getting a quote and finding a handyman is very simple, while still giving you enough options to add in exactly what you need, including pictures!

Some of the jobs I have had recently, such as fixing a broken bath tap remains on the list to do as I have been unable to find someone to come out to fix it! The new light fitting that needed to be installed, I ended up having to complete the work myself, luckily there are some great guides available online, due to the house wiring being old and on a loop system you really do need to do you homework prior to undertaking the work yourself!

I often find that the small jobs often mount up overtime, meaning it takes a large chunk of our down time to get back on top of the home improvements that are generally needed, so by hiring a handyman as you go, you might well find some extra time just for you. Or very often in my case bake a cake for the Mrs, take eldest fishing or youngest metal detecting! (I am sure I can sneak in some gaming time for me)

So what jobs to you have left to tackle in your home?

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