How to explore the Great Outdoor and still look good!

In our house we had a great plan for the summer break with the boys, however it started rather rocky with youngest being struck down by a sickness bug, one that seemed to last forever! We did luckily get a few good days away in before he became ill but out intentions to all get out of the house and back into the wild was limited.

However now we are back on form, have visited a few Castles and started to walk the countryside taking in all the wonders the land has! (not to mention a few geocaches along the way!)

But how do you ensure you look good while your clothing remaining practical too?

Luckily Chums have come up with with rather helpful infographic, for me the most important aspect is keeping cool while undertaking several hours of walking, however I do always seem to be the one who ends up slipping in the mud so perhaps I should really be prioritising my footwear too?

At the start of the summer the Mrs always gets the boys to make a list of the thing they want to do before School starts again. This has really helped with planning the holidays ensuring we can maximise time out in the fresh air, although it has involved getting a Cadw membership but after just a few Castle visits it is proving to be a cost saving investment! 

For me I feel it is so important to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, I spend most of my working week behind my computer screen at work, or sat at my laptop getting a mental break from it and heading out on an adventure is a must have. Especially when you get to capture some special family moments along the way!

Next on the list of fishing with eldest, although we do tend to take a hat each, he is not at the age where we could end up fishing for hours on end to see any type of change in the weather, but I know in the past when I have fished with my own dad we used to take extra clothes for long fishing trips!

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