Have the perfect garden #competition

If I am honest, I hate gardening! We have a decent sized garden made up of two separate plots one with a car park and grassed area and the other surrounding the house. Currently I am in a lucky position that one of my neighbours uses my car park and in return keeps the lawn mowed.

However I seem to be under increasing pressure from the Mrs to get the space directly outside of our house grassed over, as its currently all tarmac. I must admit the dread that I have for this task to be undertaken, mainly due to the commitment involved in having to keep up with the laborious task of keeping the grass in check! So I have been researching the best option for me, and no its not to hire a gardener!

Artificial grass seems to be a viable option, having scouted the market I found that Artificial Grass Direct currently have a competition running to win £250 worth of grass! The competition closes on 1st September 2017 with the winners name being announced on 4th September! (fingers crossed!)

For me I must admit I had reservations about Artificial Grass due to the fact we have a delightful dog and I was unclear on how to keep the Artificial stuff in its pristine condition, but there are several useful guides out there to put your mind at ease, after all you don’t see many people washing down there lawn every five minutes!

I really do want to try Artificial grass and undertake a new DIY project, however I will surely need the sign off from the boss before I invest too much time in the logistics! Although I am pretty sure she would love to see a proper looking garden rather than the concrete jungle we currently have!

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