5 ways to relax after a long day #bingo

A relaxing therapy is a much needed treat for anyone who has had a long day. Instead of fraying, take a break and try out any of these 5 ways that will help you relax and de-stress.

1. Listen to some good music:

Rock, country, romantic or jazz or whatever your genre is, listening to your favorite kind of music will help your mind calm down. For me I have a wide range I like to listen to from Radiohead to Avril Lavinge to Marilyn Manson, not to mention some of the classic rock like Led Zeppelin!

2. Pamper yourself with a warm bath:

A nice warm bath can help your body feel fresh and nice. To add up, you can also use the candle light effect and natural oils that will melt away your stress from you. It works the same way as a massage without the need for someone else to their for you!

3. Watch your favorite match or show:

Don’t indulge yourself into something more depressing. Perhaps, something comedy or romantic or positive will keep your mood light and happy. Game of thrones is currently topping the chart for me and is a much needed break at the beginning of the week!

4. Play bingo online:

Raised £700 today! #fundraiser my eldest did a sterling job as a bingo caller bless him x

A post shared by Karen (@missingsleep) on Nov 14, 2015 at 2:00pm PST

Bingo is a game that is proven to release happy hormones, specially, when you are playing with a bunch of other people. So, gather up your friends and play bingo for money or free and enjoy the fun gaming time, we have in the past run community events giving away a variety of prizes to raise money for the local school.

5. Practice mindfulness:

Keep your mind off all the things that is bothering you. Be it work or anything else, just feel yourself and be comfortable. Focus on the nature, light some scented candles and treat yourself some great delicacies. Focus on this mantra and everything will seem to be fine after the night’s sleep.

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